Navigating Routes

Yes. When mobile users submit notes, sign-on-glass signatures, videos, or image attachments, they all appear on the Route4Me website with the exact location and coordinates of where the content was created.
All Route4Me plans (except the personal plan) give you a precise time of arrival. The time of arrival takes travel time and service time into consideration.
Yes. If you have a Small Business or Enterprise plan, then the system will dynamically adjust the expected arrival and departure time for all the remaining stops on the route.
When the Route4Me application is installed on an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone, it begins to submit a GPS tracking beacon to the central Route4Me system every 60 seconds. Even if internet connectivity is temporarily disabled, Route4Me will reconcile the entire GPS history when connectivity is resumed. If a specific route is open when the device is in transit, the location tracking history will be assigned to that route so that a dispatcher, analyst, or manager can playback the device travel history.
No. Route4Me is a bring-your-own-device system that permits you to select your favorite Apple or Android device. Route4Me is available as a downloadable application on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once the application is installed, everything works automatically and there is no setup process.
All routes that are created through the system automatically have driving directions generated. Driving directions are instantly emailed to the account holder after the route is planned. For commercial fleet account types, driving directions can restrict the vehicle to travel on designated roadway types. Driving directions can also be optimized for Time, Time with Traffic, and to Minimize Distance.
Route4Me’s Messaging and Notification center module is available with Enterprise plans.
Yes. When a driver approaches a location, his iPhone and iPad will automatically ask him if he wants to mark the location as visited. The status that he assigns that stop is automatically sent to the server, and the entire team can track the progress of the route.
Route4Me has a convenient map-printing feature, which can print any route to the size of an 8×10 inch piece of paper. Large resolution maps that can be printed on a plotter or large big printer are only available on a case-by-case basis for an additional cost.

Small team plan subscribers and up can choose between the following cancellation reasons:

  • Cancelled Delivery (friendly)
  • Cancelled Pickup
  • Cancelled Visit
  • Cancelled Service
  • Invalid Location
  • Erroneously Added Location
  • Location Billing Issue
  • Weather Related
  • Danger or Hazard
Route4Me’s geocoding engine optimizes routes at the rooftop for each destination. Curbside latitude and longitude coordinates can be uploaded via spreadsheet file.
Route4Me support 5 destination types: Pickup, Delivery, Service, Meetup, Break and Visit. Drivers are able to view the destination type for each stop on their mobile devices. This information is also useful for reporting purposes.
No. All the data you put in prior to adding or removing addresses in a route will not be affected.
In the route editor, open the details menu for one of your destinations by clicking on it. Next, click the gear icon corresponding to one of the attributes and select “Apply to All”.
In the manifest, there are 3 columns indicating the status for depletable routes: Remaining Capacity, Remaining Weight, and Remaining Cube. The data in these columns changes dynamically as drivers progress through the route.

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