Using the Routes List for Viewing Your Planned Routes

To access the “Routes List” section, go to “Routes” from the navigation menu, then select “Routes List.”

Use Route4Me's Routes List to view planned routes


The Routes List provides an overview of all your planned routes.

Use Route4Me's Routes List to view planned routes


The default Routes List view is split into several columns:

Route NameThe name of the route.
Scheduled OnThe date when the route was scheduled (MM/DD/YYYY).
Scheduled ForThe date and time for which the route is scheduled (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM).
StopsThe number of stops on the route.
NotesThe number of notes added to the route.
UserThe email address/username of the user to whom the route is assigned.
DistanceThe total distance of the planned route (expressed in miles).
Estimated TimeThe estimated time to complete the route (including travel time and service time).
ProgressThe progress made by drivers (expressed as the percentage of total visited stops).
Actual Traveled DistanceTotal distance traveled by the driver upon route completion.
Actual Travel TimeTotal time it took the driver to complete the route.
VehicleName of the vehicle assigned to the route.
ApprovedWhen you approve to execute a route, all the customers on your route are notified with estimated arrival times.


You can customize the header and decide which columns you want to display. To display or hide columns in the Routes List, right-click anywhere on the header, then select or deselect items according to your preference.

Customize route planning when choosing headers in the routes list


By default, all routes are listed based on the time and date of their creation. To sort the routes by date of creation (newest to oldest or oldest to newest) or by date for which they’re scheduled (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), click on the “Scheduled On” and “Scheduled For” arrowheads in the header respectively.

Customize route planning when ordering the data in the routes list


You can open a small map of any route in the Routes List by hovering your mouse cursor anywhere in the route’s field for 5 seconds.

Small map of a route in the Routes List


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