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Route4Me’s Android Multi-Stop Route Planner app provides seamless continuity throughout the entire route planning, optimization, and navigation process. Additionally, Route4Me’s Android Route Planner enables you to set statuses to route stops for tracking route progress. Furthermore, you can attach various types of electronic proof of visit, delivery, and service to route stops. Specifically, you can collect such proof of visit as electronic signatures, photos, text notes, and more.

Additionally, learn more about Stop Statuses and Proof of Delivery on Route4Me’s iPhone iOS Route Planner app.

Set route stop statuses and attach electronic proof of visit, delivery, or service to route stops on Route4Me's Android route planner app.



Stop Statuses – Set Route Stop Statuses on Route Planner App

First, go to “Routes” in the app’s navigation menu and open the preferred route. Next, tap the “Start Route” button to start the route. To set status to a specific stop, tap on the “Arrived” button next to this stop. Additionally, learn more about navigating and completing routes using Route4Me’s Android route Planner app.

Open and start multi-address routes on Route4Me's Android multi-stop route planning app.


Additionally, you can set statuses to route stops from the route map. To do so, tap on the map icon to open the route on the map. Next, tap on the preferred route stop and then tap on the “Arrived” button.

Set stop statuses from Route4Me's Android route planner map.


Next, tap on the “Set Status” button and then assign the preferred status to the selected route stop. Specifically, you can assign the Failed, Skipped, and Done statuses to your stops. Accordingly, you can assign the preferred statuses to your route stops based on your specific business, routing, and operational requirements. After assigning a status to a route stop, the respective status will be set next to the given stop on the route’s stops screen.

NOTE: By default, you can assign the Done and Failed statuses to route stop. To enable the Skipped status for your account, please contact Route4Me’s Customer Support Team.

Done, Skipped, and Failed route stop statuses on Route4Me's Android multi-address route planner app.


Attach Proof of Delivery, Visit and Field Service to Route Stops

After selecting the preferred stop status, you can attach various types of proof of visit, delivery, or service to the stop. Additionally, Route4Me’s Marketplace Subscriptions support Mandatory Tasks for completing routes. For example, you can set up mandatory signature capture, barcode reconciliation, ID confirmation, etc. Learn more about enabling and using Mandatory Tasks.


Notes – Add Text Notes to Route Stops as Proof of Visit

To add a text note, tap the plus icon next to the “Note” task. Next, add the preferred text and then tap on the checkmark to add the note. Additionally, you can use notes to add images from your device and capture signatures.

Add text notes to route stops and addresses on Route4Me's multi-stop route planner app for drivers.


Photos – Attach Images to Route Stops as Proof of Visit

To attach a photo, tap the plus icon next to the “Photo” task. Next, use your device’s camera to take a photo and then attach it. Accordingly, you can attach multiple photos to one stop. To add an additional photo, tap on the respective plus icon and then take and attach another photo.

Attach photo proof of delivery or proof of service to route stops on Route4Me's multi-address route planner app for drivers.


Signatures – Attach Customer E-Signatures to Route Stops as Proof of Visit

To attach an electronic signature, tap the plus icon next to the “Signature” task. Next, leave the signature on the screen and tap on the “Done” button to attach it. Equally important, you can attach only one signature per note.

Attach electronic signatures as proof of delivery, visit, or service to route stops on Route4Me's multi-address route planner app for drivers.


Real-Time Route Data Synchronization Between Mobile to Web

Furthermore, Route4Me’s Marketplace Subscriptions support real-time stop status and proof of visit synchronization between the Android Route Planner app and Route4Me’s Web Platform. In detail, when the assigned driver sets status to a route stop from the mobile app, it instantly becomes available on the Web Platform. Similarly, when you attach signatures, photos, and notes to route stops, they can be accessed from the Route4Me Web Platform in real-time. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s User Types and dispatching routes from the Web Platform to the Mobile Route Planner app.

Real-time route stop statuses and proof of delivery and visit synchronization between Route4Me's website and mobile driver apps.



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