Route4Me Mobile Subscription VS Marketplace Subscription

Route4Me provides carbon-neutral last-mile optimization software solutions for individual drivers and couriers, small business owners, and enterprises with thousands of vehicles and drivers. Accordingly, Route4Me offers multiple subscription types, enabling you to easily choose or customize a perfect optimization solution for your unique last-mile routing and logistics business needs. On this page, you can learn about the difference between Route4Me’s Mobile vs Marketplace Subscriptions.



Difference Between Route4Me’s Mobile VS Marketplace Subscriptions

In short, Route4Me offers two subscription types: Mobile and Marketplace subscriptions. Below, you can learn about the difference between Route4Me’s Mobile vs Marketplace subscriptions.

Subscription TypeDescription
MobileRoute4Me offers Mobile Subscriptions on the iPhone Routing App and Android Route Planner apps. Accordingly, Route4Me’s Mobile subscriptions can be used exclusively on Route4Me’s Mobile apps and don’t support access to the Route4Me Software as a Service (SaaS) Website.
MarketplaceRoute4Me offers Marketplace Subscriptions on the Route4Me SaaS Website only. Specifically, you can select one of the available subscription packages and then further customize it by adding various add-ons from the Route4Me Marketplace. Additionally, Route4Me’s Marketplace Subscriptions support access to Route4Me’s connected Mobile Routing apps for drivers and field members.

The difference between Route4Me's Mobile Subscriptions vs Marketplace Subscriptions.


Route4Me Mobile Subscriptions – iOS And Android Route Planning Apps

Route4Me’s Mobile Subscriptions are designed for planning, scheduling, optimizing, and efficiently navigating last-mile routes using only your mobile device. Route4Me’s Mobile subscriptions can be purchased through and used exclusively on Route4Me’s Android Route Planner and iPhone Route Mapping App.

Route4Me offers 2 types of Mobile subscriptions: Monthly and Yearly. Both Monthly and Yearly Mobile subscriptions include the same features, and the only difference between both subscriptions is the subscription duration. You can learn more about Route4Me’s Mobile Subscriptions Features on the Android and iOS Route Planner apps. Additionally, you can learn more in detail about Route4Me’s Mobile subscriptions registration, free trial, billing, and more:

Route4Me Mobile Subscriptions on the iOS and Android Route Planning Apps.


Route4Me Marketplace Subscriptions

Route4Me’s Marketplace Subscriptions are designed for small, mid-sized, and enterprise last-mile businesses with any number of drivers and vehicles. Route4Me offers Marketplace subscriptions on the Route4Me Software as a Service Website. First, you can select the preferred Route4Me Route Planning and Optimization Package designed to solve a specific set of last-mile routing or logistics problems. Further, you can easily customize your subscription for your unique business needs and business model by enabling additional Route4Me Marketplace Add-Ons.

Additionally, Route4Me’s Marketplace subscriptions include real-time connection and data synchronization with Route4Me’s Mobile Route Planning apps. For example, you can optimize last-mile routes using the Route4Me SaaS Website and then dispatch routes to drivers and field members that are using Route4Me’s Mobile apps.

Select a Route Planning and Optimization package and use Route4Me's Marketplace to enable add-ons and customize your subscription.


Route4Me Route Planning And Optimization Packages

To get a Route4Me Marketplace subscription, all you need to do is select the preferred package on the Route4Me Pricing Page: Route Management, Route Optimization, or Route Optimization Plus. For your convenience, you can check and compare the features and capabilities included in each subscription plan. To do so, click on the “Compare Features” button.

Furthermore, Route4Me offers a 7-Day Free Route Planning Software Trial for each available Web Subscription package and a 7-Day Free Route Planner Trial for Mobile Subscriptions. Thus, you can easily test your selected package and discover how it can help you optimize your last-mile business. Equally important, you can also switch between the packages at any time.

On the Route4Me Pricing page, you can find information about Route4Me's Route Planning and Optimization packages and subscriptions.


Route4Me Marketplace Add-Ons – Subscription Customization

Further, you can customize your subscription with various Route4Me Marketplace Add-Ons. In short, Route4Me Marketplace Add-Ons are additional features and functionalities that you can add to your subscription (package). Route4Me offers a diverse variety of business goal-specific Marketplace add-ons, rules, constraints, and entire modules that enable you to create a perfect last-mile optimization solution specifically for your unique operational requirements. Moreover, such a transparent and flexible subscription model allows you to pay only for those features that you actually use and need.

So, after selecting a package, simply add the preferred add-ons to your subscription. Equally important, when you customize your subscription using Route4Me’s Marketplace, you can test your custom subscription for free for 7 days. If you already have a Route4Me account, you can use Route4Me’s Feature Manager to customize your subscription.

Customize Route4Me subscription by adding and enabling add-ons from the Route4Me Marketplace.


Route4Me Legacy Subscriptions

Additionally, Route4Me currently supports but no longer offers certain Legacy Subscription Planes. Therefore, if you are using and need help with a Route4Me subscription that is not mentioned on this page, please Contact the Route4Me Support Team.



Visit Route4Me's Marketplace to Check Out Various Modules and Industry-Specific Subscription Packages:

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