How to Plan a Route With Multiple Stops

To plan a route with multiple stops, delivery addresses, or drop off points, you need a route planner or route planning software with unlimited stops. The Route4Me Route Planner will enable you to map optimal multi stop routes in 4 simple steps:



1. Import & Map Customer Shipping Addresses

Drop a pin on a map to select customer locations or upload any file or spreadsheet with shipping addresses. You can also seamlessly import customer details from your CRM system. After selecting or uploading the necessary routing addresses, the interactive map will offer you a visual overview of the service area of your future delivery route.

Import customers' addresses from your CRM or pick and drop customer addresses on the map.


2. Choose the Most Suitable Route Optimization Type

You can plan routes for one or multiple delivery drivers, and the route planner will automatically find the optimal sequence of stops for your routes. Alternatively, you can let the route planner manage your delivery workload and split all shipping addresses into equally sized routes for each of your drivers.

Use route optimization for multiple drivers to split customer addresses into optimized routes.


3. Add Routing Business Rules and Route Constraints

Add delivery time windows and availability hours for each customer to minimize route wait time. Factor in traffic jams and weather conditions, set limits for cargo volume and the maximum number of packages that can fit in a delivery car, and a lot more. Your Route4Me route planner gives you the freedom to customize routes as per multiple constraints – from avoiding danger zones to limiting the maximum distance per route and setting priority order statuses.

Use Routing Business Rules to fine-tune your delivery driver routes for your specific routing cases.


4. Dispatch Optimized Routes to Delivery Drivers

Plan routes on the desktop route planner or on the route planner app and choose the best option for you to assign and dispatch planned routes to delivery driver mobile devices. You can streamline communication with delivery drivers with Route4Me’s fast and easy route dispatch. Use the mobile route planner to sync routing data from the field in near real-time across all connected devices.

Dispatch optimized delivery routes to driver mobile devices in near real time and sync routing data.


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