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Route4Me’s best route planning app for iOS and Android is designed to help you optimize and streamline delivery, field service, field sales, and other last-mile routing operations. In this guide, you can learn about the features offered by Route4Me’s Mobile Subscriptions and supported by the Android Multiple Stop Route Planner and iPhone Route App. Accordingly, depending on your subscription type and account settings, you can have a different set of available features. Additionally, you can learn more about the difference between Route4Me’s Mobile and Marketplace Subscriptions and the features they support.

Android and iPhone mobile route planner features and capabilities included in Route4Me's Mobile subscriptions.

iPhone Multiple Stop Route Planner

Android Multiple Stop Route Planner


Route4Me Mobile Subscriptions & Mobile Route Planner Features

Route4Me offers Monthly and Yearly Mobile subscriptions. Both subscription types include the same features, where the only difference is the subscription duration. Below, you can find the list of features and capabilities included in Route4Me’s Mobile subscription plans (Monthly and Annual) on the Android and iOS Route Planner apps.

FeatureAndroid AppiOS (iPhone & iPad) App
Add Addresses and Import Route Data
Add Addresses to Routes Manually Enter Addresses on AndroidEnter Addresses on iPhone
OCR Address ScannerScan Addresses on AndroidScan Addresses on iPhone
Add Addresses with Voice DictationDictate Addresses on AndroidDictate Addresses on iPhone
Select Addresses from Device ContactsRoute Device Contacts on AndroidRoute Device Contacts on iPhone
Use Route4Me Address BookAddress Book Routing on AndroidAddress Book Routing on iPhone
Import Files with Addresses and Route DataAddress File Import on AndroidAddress File Import on iPhone
Google Drive Route File Import (CSV & XLS)Google Drive Address Import on AndroidGoogle Drive Address Import on iPhone
Dropbox Route File Import (CSV & XLS)Dropbox Address Import on AndroidDropbox Address Import on iPhone
Upload Route Files from Device (CSV & XLS)Device File Upload on AndroidDevice File Upload on iPhone
Use Current Location AddressAdd Current Location on AndroidAdd Current Location on iPhone
Plan Multi-Stop Routes
Plan Multi-Stop Routes (Map and Manually Sequence Multi-Stop Routes) Plan Routes on Android Plan Routes on iPhone
Unlimited Route Planning Plan Unlimited Routes on Android Plan Unlimited Routes on iPhone
Unlimited Route Addresses Add Unlimited Addresses on Android Add Unlimited Addresses on iPhone
Schedule Routes Schedule Routes on Android Schedule Routes on iPhone
Dynamic Route Start Time Dynamic Route Start Time on Android Dynamic Route Start Time on iPhone
Optimize and Sequence Multi-Stop Routes
Optimize Routes (Map and Automatically Sequence Multi-Stop Routes)Optimize Multi-Stop Routes on AndroidOptimize Multi-Stop Routes on iPhone
Unlimited Route OptimizationsOptimize Unlimited Routes on AndroidOptimize Unlimited Routes on iPhone
Unlimited Stops SequencingSequence Unlimited Stops on AndroidSequence Unlimited Stops on iPhone
Round Trip Route OptimizationSupportedSupported
Lock Last Destination Route OptimizationSupportedSupported
End Anywhere Route OptimizationSupportedSupported
Disable Route Optimization and End AnywhereSupportedSupported
Disable Route Optimization and Round TripSupportedSupported
Default Route Optimization Settings ProfileSupportedSupported
Route Directions Optimization
Shortest Time Route Directions OptimizationShortest Time Directions on AndroidShortest Time Directions iPhone
Shortest Time with Current Traffic Directions OptimizationShortest Time with Traffic Directions on AndroidShortest Time with Traffic Directions on iPhone
Route Management
Save RoutesSave Routes on AndroidSave Routes on iPhone
Routes ListRoutes List on AndroidRoutes List on iPhone
Routes MapRoutes Map on AndroidRoutes Map on iPhone
Change Route Optimization SettingsModify Optimization Settings on AndroidModify Optimization Settings on iPhone
Update Route Directions SettingsModify Directions Settings on AndroidModify Directions Settings on iPhone
Reschedule Planned RoutesReschedule Routes on AndroidReschedule Routes on iPhone
Export Route Files (CSV and Google Spreadsheets)Download Routes on AndroidDownload Routes on iPhone
Duplicate RoutesDuplicate Routes on AndroidDuplicate Routes on iPhone
Share RoutesShare Routes on AndroidShare Routes on iPhone
Delete RoutesDelete Routes on AndroidDelete Routes on iPhone
Stops Management
Insert Stops into Planned RoutesInsert Addresses into Routes on AndroidInsert Addresses into Routes on iPhone
Change Route Stops SequenceResequence Routes on AndroidResequence Routes on iPhone
Edit Route Stops Addresses and InformationEdit Stops on AndroidEdit Stops on iPhone
Route Stops Service TimesStops Service Times on AndroidStops Service Times on iPhone
Route Stops Custom DataCustom Data on AndroidCustom Data on iPhone
Open Route Stops on the MapOpen Stops on Map on AndroidOpen Stops on Map on iPhone
Delete Route StopsRemove Stops from Routes on AndroidRemove Stops from Routes on iPhone
Route Progress Tracking
Start and End RoutesStart and End Routes on AndroidStart and End Routes on iPhone
Arrived Stop StatusMark Stops as Arrived on AndroidMark Stops as Arrived on iPhone
Done Stop StatusMark Stops as Done on AndroidMark Stops as Done on iPhone
Dashboard with Route AnalyticsRoute Dashboard on AndroidTo Be Added Soon
Proof of Delivery, Field Service, Field Marketing, Field Sales Management
Add Text NotesAdd Text Notes on AndroidAdd Text Notes on iPhone
Image Attachement Add Images to Stops on Android Add Images to Stops on iPhone
Photo AttachementAdd Photos to Stops on AndroidAdd Photos to Stops on iPhone
Signature Capture and AttachementSign on Glass on AndroidSign on Glass on iPhone
Video AttachementTo Be Added Soon Add Videos to Stops on iPhone
Audio Recording AttachementTo Be Added SoonAdd Audio Recordings to Stops on iPhone
Scan BarcodesBarcode Scanner on AndroidBarcode Scanner on iPhone
Navigation and Route Directions
Share ETAShare ETA on AndroidShare ETA on iPhone
Integrated Voice-Guided NavigationIn-App Navigation on AndroidIn-App Navigation on iPhone
Third-Party Navigation Apps SupportSupportSupport
Google Maps NavigationGoogle Maps Navigation on AndroidGoogle Maps Navigation on iPhone
Waze GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live NavigationWaze Navigation on AndroidWaze Navigation on iPhone
CoPilot NavigationCoPilot Navigation on AndroidCoPilot Navigation on iPhone
Apple Maps NavigationNot Supported by PlatformApple Maps Navigation on iPhone
Turn-By-Turn Route DirectionsTurn-By-Turn Directions on AndroidTurn-By-Turn Directions on iPhone
Default Navigation AppDefault Navigation on AndroidDefault Navigation on iPhone
Single Stop Route NavigationSingle Stop Route Navigation on AndroidSingle Stop Route Navigation on iPhone
Continuous Route NavigationContinuous Route Navigation on AndroidContinuous Route Navigation on iPhone
Navigation by AddressNavigation Precision on AndroidNavigation Precision on iPhone
Navigation by GPS Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude)Navigation Precision on AndroidNavigation Precision on iPhone
Refresh Route DirectionsRefresh Route Directions on AndroidRefresh Route Directions on iPhone
Address Book List and Map
Address Book List Customer ManagementAddress Book List on Android Address Book List on iPhone
Address Book Map Customer ManagementAddress Book Map on AndroidAddress Book Map on iPhone
Insert Addresses into Planned RoutesInsert Addresses into Routes on AndroidInsert Addresses into Routes on iPhone
Edit Address Book CustomersEdit Addresses on AndroidEdit Addresses on iPhone
Dial Customers from Address BookDial Addresses on AndroidDial Addresses on iPhone
Add Addresses to FavoritesTo Be Added SoonAdd Addresses to Favorites on iPhone
Delete Address Book CustomersDelete Addresses on AndroidDelete Addresses on iPhone
Offline Mode – No Internet
Offline ModeOffline Mode on AndroidOffline Mode on iPhone
Open Loaded Routes, Stops, and Routes MapOpen Routes Offline on AndroidOpen Routes Offline on iPhone
In-App Voice-Guided NavigationOffline Navigation on AndroidOffline Navigation on iPhone
Third-Party Navigation AppsOffline Third-Party Navigation on AndroidOffline Third-Party Navigation on iPhone
Mark Stops as Arrived and DoneMark Stops as Arrived & Done Offline on AndroidMark Stops as Arrived & Done Offline on iPhone
Set Stop StatusSet Stop Status Offline on AndroidSet Stop Status Offline on iPhone
Add Text Notes to StopsAdd Text Notes Offline on AndroidAdd Text Notes Offline on iPhone
Proof of Delivery and Service AttachementAdd Signatures and Images to Stops Offline on AndroidAdd Signatures and Images to Stops Offline on iPhone
Scan BarcodesScan Barcodes Offline on AndroidScan Barcodes Offline on iPhone
Synchronize Pending Data Collected OfflineSync Pending Data on AndroidSync Pending Data on iPhone
Driver Safety Features
Hands-Free Voice-Guided NavigationVoice-Guided Navigation on AndroidVoice-Guided Navigation on iPhone
Dark Mode (Automatic)To Be Added SoonDark Mode on iPhone
Authentication and Sign-In
Email and Password Sign-InEmail & Password Sign-In on AndroidEmail & Password Sign-In on iPhone
Google Single Sign-On (SSO)Google SSO on AndroidGoogle SSO on iPhone
Apple ID Sign-InNot Supported by PlatformApple ID Sign-In on iPhone
Microsoft SSOMicrosoft SSO on AndroidMicrosoft SSO on iPhone
App Settings
Power Save ModeBattery Saver Mode on AndroidPower Save Mode on iPhone
Invite to Route4MeInvite Others to Join Route4Me on AndroidInvite Others to Join Route4Me on iPhone
Password ResetReset Password on AndroidReset Password on iPhone
Distance Units (Kilometers and Miles)Adjust Distance Units on AndroidAdjust Distance Units on iPhone
Map Settings: Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, TerrainMap Settings on AndroidMap Settings on iPhone
Customer Support
24/7 Live Chat SupportLive Support Chat on AndroidLive Support Chat on iPhone
Support Contact FormSupport Contact Form on AndroidSupport Contact Form on iPhone
In-App TutorialsTo Be Added SoonIn-App Tutorials on iPhone
Knowledge Base AccessSupport Portal Access on AndroidSupport Portal Access on iPhone



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