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An in-app address scanner with optical character recognition (OCR) technology is more time-efficient than manually adding addresses from paper or shipping packages into the route planner. Moreover, doing things manually is always prone to mistakes.

For example, you may need to ship five hundred labeled boxes or packages a day, and you want to do it as efficiently as possible. Manually inputting addresses one by one will take hours. With Route4Me’s route planner, you can use the OCR address scanner to scan the address on each package within minutes and instantly add scanned addresses to new or planned routes.

You will not need additional scanner apps, OCR software, document scanner apps, or cam scanners for mobile scanning and text recognition. Route4Me’s in-app address scanner will scan any alphanumeric code and even transform handwriting into digital text, just like a dedicated optical character recognition app would do.

The in-app address scanner or OCR cam scanner can pick up and scan addresses from any surface, in different fonts, and even handwritten addresses. Furthermore, you can scan incomplete or incorrect addresses, and the app will automatically geocode the scanned data and provide multiple address options for you to choose from.


To scan addresses and plan an optimized multi-stop route, go to My Routes from the navigation menu and tap on the Add Route button. Next, specify the preferred route optimization settings, schedule the route and add a route name. Tap on the checkmark icon in the top right corner of the route planner to save route settings, and then tap on the Add Destination button to start adding addresses with the in-app OCR scanner.

Plan new route and specify optimization settings and add stops to the route by scanning addresses.


To use the address cam scanner, tap on the camera icon in the top right corner of the route planner. Next, adjust the address scanner setting to your preference:

  • Manual Scanning Mode: Point your camera at the address and tap on the capture button once the address is recognized.
  • Automatic Scanning Mode: Point your camera at the address and hold until the address is automatically recognized.

Adjust address scanner settings to capture addresses automatically or to use the capture button.


To scan the address, point the OCR scanner at the address and make sure that the address fits within the cam scanner frame. Next, tap on the capture button. Or, depending on the settings, the address will be automatically scanned and captured. Once the address is scanned, select one of the suggested geocoded address options and tap on the checkmark icon to save the scanned address.

Route4Me’s built-in address scanner can pick up incomplete or incorrect addresses in multiple fonts and suggest accurate, completed, and geocoded addresses. For example, you can scan an address with only the street number, and the route planner app will process the scanned text and suggest all available geocoded addresses.

Scan the address you want to add to the route and select one of the suggested geocoded addresses.


After scanning an address, you can also edit it and select from other suggested geocoded addresses. To edit a scanned address, tap on the Edit button, make the preferred changes, and select one of the suggested geocoded addresses to add to the route.

Scan address you want to add to the route, edit scanned address and select the geocoded result.


Route4Me’s OCR data extraction scanner can pick up and recognize addresses from different types of surfaces, texts, lists, maps, etc. For example, you can scan a spreadsheet with multiple addresses and other route details, and the app will automatically pick up all recognizable addresses. After scanning a surface with multiple addresses, the app will allow you to choose already geocoded addresses from all recognized addresses.

Scan multiple addresses and the route planner will auto-detect and add addresses to the route.


To add the scanned address to the route, tap on the Finish Scanning button and then go back to the route to see the scanned address in the route. The first scanned address is added to the route as the start, stop, or depot (the route’s start address).

Finish scanning addresses and add scanned addresses to the route - first scanned address is depot.


You can scan multiple addresses at a time to simultaneously add multiple scanned addresses to the route. The total number of all the addresses scanned in one session is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the scanned address.

Scan multiple addresses and simultaneously add multiple scanned addresses to the route in one scan.


After you scanned and added the preferred addresses, tap on the Optimize button to optimize all scanned addresses into a route. Once the route is planned, you can start navigating this route using the in-app voice-guided navigation.

Optimize scanned addresses to plan a multi stop route and navigate the route with in-app navigation.


You can use the OCR extraction scanner to scan and add addresses to already planned and even dispatched routes. To add addresses to a planned route using the address scanner, on the Stops screen of a planned route, tap on the Plus button in the top right corner of the route planner. Next, tap on the camera icon in the top right corner of the app, and then scan and add the preferred addresses to the route.

Use the address scanner and scan to add more addresses to an already planned and optimized route.


All new scanned addresses are added to the planned route as the last stops, in the same sequence as they are added. After adding new addresses to the planned route, you can optimize this route to get the most efficient driving directions and visitation sequence. To re-optimize the planned route with new addresses, tap on the Optimize button. Once the route is reoptimized, all new scanned addresses will be placed in the most efficient position on the route.

Scan to add new addresses into a planned route and re-optimize the route with new scanned addresses.


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