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Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner is designed to help make your routing operations fast and flexible and allow you to optimize and navigate most optimal routes of any complexity using only your smartphone.

To successfully complete a route, you need to start this route, navigate to all its destinations, complete each visit or order, and finally end this route at the depot or last stop. To make your routing and navigation activities more streamlined and convenient, all these steps are automatically sequenced in this exact way by Route4Me’s Route Planner app.


By default, after you open a route, the navigation to this route’s destinations, and the ability to mark this route’s stops as visited and departed are disabled. To enable the route navigation and mark stops as visited and departed, you need to start the given route. By starting the route, you confirm that you are ready to complete this route.

After opening a route, you can't mark addresses as visited or departed before starting this route.


To start the opened route, tap on the Start Route button, and then confirm that you want to start this route when prompted. Once you start the route, the Start Route button will turn to Route is Started, indicating that this route has been started.

NOTE: Route4Me’s iPhone Route Planner supports iOS dynamic route start time, automatically re-scheduling the started route to your device’s current time and date. In this way, you will always get the most accurate dynamic ETAs, route durations, and routing statistics.

To be able to navigate the route and mark addresses as visited and departed, start this route.


After starting the route, you can proceed to mark stops as visited and departed, as well as navigate this route using Route4Me’s In-App Voice-Guided Navigation or any other preferred third-party navigation app (i.e., Google Maps, etc.).

To complete the started route, you need to end it. To end the started route, tap on the End Route button at the bottom of the destinations list and then confirm when prompted. Once the route is ended, the End Route button will turn to Route is Ended, indicating that the route has been ended.

To end the started route, tap on the End Route button, and then confirm to stop the route.


After ending an active and completed route, the navigation, ability to unmark stops as visited and departed, ability to manage stops sequence or remove stops, and other active route features become unavailable. Once the route is ended, you can only view the route’s attached notes, scan barcodes, view the route on the map, and view stop details.

End completed route on iOS Route Planner app to stop navigation and block unmark stops as visited.


To resume the ended route, tap on the Resume button at the bottom of the route. Once the ended route is resumed, you will be able to use the in-app and third party navigation, attach route notes, unmark or mark destinations as visited and departed, add new and remove existing stops, etc.

Resume route on iOS Route Planner to resume the navigation, unmark stops as visited, and more.


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