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Route4Me’s iOS Driver Route Planner app is designed to provide seamless and continuous route planning, route optimization, and route navigation experience. For more convenience and safer navigation, Route4Me’s iOS app can work as a voice driving directions app, featuring integrated in-app voice-guided navigation.

Drivers who navigate with GPS driving directions with voice are safer than those who have to look at a map on a tiny screen every minute. Furthermore, instead of sending a route from a route planner to Google Maps navigation iPhone app or turn by turn directions Apple Maps app and jumping between different apps, you can navigate planned routes without leaving Route4Me’s Route Planner. Fewer distractions mean lower accident risks, less driver fatigue, and increased productivity.

Since Route4Me’s in-app navigation is fully integrated, it permits you to avoid possible algorithm conflicts when sending navigation directions from one app to another. For example, you’ll get much better Route4Me directions for a Route4Me route than Apple Maps directions (both Apple Maps driving directions and walking directions) for a Route4Me optimized route.

For even more navigation precision, you can navigate by addresses and location coordinates. Navigating by coordinates helps to find those route destinations that don’t have an address or need to be visited at a precise point on the map.

The navigation map is extremely detailed, giving you the same level of detail as such industry leaders as the Google Navigation iPhone app or Apple Maps iPhone app would. You can use gestures to adjust the perfect map angle, switch between map perspectives to see streets and buildings in 3D, and more.

To make sure that you always have a choice, Route4Me Route Planner still allows you to use third-party navigation, like Google Maps iPad Navigation apps, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic, CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav & Traffi‪c‬, and even Uber. With any app like TomTom Go Navigation or Apple Maps send locations from your Route Planner to any app with a tap of the button.


To navigate a planned route, open the preferred route from Routes in the navigation menu. After that, tap on the Start Route button to start the opened route, and then tap on the Navigation Icon next to the route destination to which you want to navigate from your current location.

Navigate efficiently optimized multi-stop routes using Route4Me's iOS Route Planner app.


Next, select the Route4Me In-App Navigation from the list of navigation options. Then, select the preferred Navigation Precision Option to navigate to an address or to the latitude and longitude coordinates of a location. Once the navigation is launched, you can navigate the route in near real-time with turn-by-turn voice directions.

Start a multi-stop route and navigate to any destination on the route from your current location.


At the top of the navigation map, you can see the directions for the next maneuver. Every next navigation maneuver is automatically voiced. At the bottom of the navigation map, you can see the ETA and the estimated remaining navigation distance.

Since Route4Me’s iOS in-app navigation accounts for the traffic and other near-real-time factors, the navigation ETA can fluctuate accordingly throughout the navigated route. As the route progresses, the time remaining before the arrival at the last route destination is updated in near real-time accordingly.

Navigate your optimized multi stop routes and track your route progress in near real time.


You can adjust your navigation map for optimal user experience and convenience using the following gestures:

  • Pinch to Zoom allows you to zoom in and out on any point on the navigation map. By zooming in you can get a more detailed look at street addresses, building shapes, business names, etc.
  • Two Finger Drag Up allows you to switch to a 3D navigation map perspective.
  • Two Finger Drag Down allows you to switch to a 2D navigation map perspective.
  • Two Finger Rotation allows you to rotate the navigation map and look at your current location, route destinations, and navigation lines from any preferred angle.
  • One Finger Drag allows you to move around the navigation map.

Use gestures to adjust your navigation map view to see 3D building shapes or route overview.


As the navigated route progresses, navigation driving lines following the driver will disappear. NOTE: Marking destinations as Visited and Departed doesn’t affect the navigation or navigation ETA metrics. Since Route4Me’s in-app navigation accounts for the current conditions at the time of the navigation, your navigation directions can be different from the driving directions of a planned route.

Track route progress by visited and departed destinations and navigation progress by driving trail.


To adjust the navigation map settings, tap on the three dots menu icon in the top right corner of the app:

  • Full Screen opens the navigation map in the full-screen mode on your iOS device.
  • Auto Zoom automatically zooms in on your current location after moving around on the navigation map.
  • 3D Perspective enables the 3D map perspective, allowing you to see 3D shapes of streets, buildings, etc.
  • Pause Navigation pauses and resumes navigation. You can pause navigation when you need to stop voice navigation directions or open another app.
  • Close Navigation closes the navigation completely. You can resume navigation from your current location at any time.

Adjust in-app navigation settings such as navigation map zoom, 3D perspective, tracking, and more.


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