Compare Routes Side by Side On Routes Map

With Route4Me’s Routes Map, you can easily compare multiple routes side by side. Specifically, you can compare route maps and directions, scheduled time and date, travel time and distance, totals, vehicle utilization, real-time progress, and more. Comparing routes side by side enables you to get a detailed insight into your routes’ performance, workload distribution, route progress, vehicle capacity utilization, route scalability, and more. Furthermore, RouteMe updates your route comparison manifest in real-time so you can compare routes and make dynamic route changes.

First, go to “Routes” and then “Routes Map” from the main menu. Next, select the routes you want to compare by checking the boxes next to them. After that, go to “File” at the top of the screen and then select “Compare Selected Routes” from the menu.

Compare multiple routes side by side on the Route4Me Routes Map.



Compare Route Maps with Route Directions and Stops

First, you can compare maps of the selected routes. Specifically, route directions, visited and not visited stops, start and end addresses, etc. Additionally, you can zoom in on the map to get a more detailed view and zoom out to get a broader overview of the routes on the map.

Compare multiple route maps side by side with route directions and zoom on the map to view route details.


Compare Route Schedules and Reschedule Routes

After that, you can check the routes’ start times and dates. Additionally, you can reschedule the selected routes using the respective fields. This way, you can easily compare route schedules and adjust them in real-time.

Reschedule compared routes.


Compare Route Totals, Time and Distance, Vehicle Utilization and Progress

You can compare the routes’ progress, vehicle utilization, totals, planned and actual travel distance and time, and other details. Accordingly, you can scroll to the respective sections in the routes comparison manifest to check the preferred details. Equally important, the routes comparison manifest is updated in real-time. This way, you can check the route progress, visited and not visited stops, actual traveled distance and time, and other details in real-time.

Compare route totals side by side: route distance, route travel time, route progress, vehicle utilization, and more.



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