Route Editor Guide – Open and Manage Planned Routes

Your Route4Me Route Editor is the primary tool for opening, viewing, and managing individual planned routes. In this guide, you can learn how to open routes in the Route Editor, check route metrics and KPIs, manage stops and addresses, customize route maps, modify optimization settings, track route progress and stop statuses in real-time, synchronize route changes with mobile driver apps, track the assigned driver and GPS vehicle, activity feed, and more.

Open, view, and manage planned last-mile routes, track stop and route statuses, route progress, and drivers in real-time using Route4Me's Route Editor.



Route Editor Overview – Stops, Map, Progress, Settings, Dashboard

Route4Me’s Route Editor consists of the following main sections:

  1. Address and Stops List, where you can open and manage all stops and addresses on the route.
  2. Interactive Map, where you can view the route and enable additional map overlays for live traffic, territories, etc.
  3. Route Settings Toolbar, where you can change route and optimization settings, dispatch route, assign driver and vehicle, etc.
  4. Route Dashboard, where you can check route metrics, progress, and KPIs, vehicle utilization, etc.

Route4Me's Route Editor consists of the stops list, interactive route map, toolbar with route and optimization settings, route dashboard, and activity feed.


Open Routes in Route Editor from Routes List and Routes Map

To open a planned route in the Route Editor, go to your Routes List or Routes Map in the main menu. Next, click the open icon next to the preferred route. Alternatively, right-click the route or click the Three-Dot Icon next to the route and then select “Open Route” from the menu. After that, the selected route will automatically open in the Route Editor.

Opening planned last-mile routes in the Route Editor from Route4Me's Routes List and Routes Map.


Address and Stops List – Open and Manage Route Addresses and Stops

The Route Editor Address and Stops List shows all stops on the route and allows you to open and manage stops and addresses. To open the details of a specific stop, simply click the preferred stop in the list. The stop’s manifest or “Stop Info” menu is split into the respective sections and shows the stop’s “Address” details, “Order” information (i.e., Tracking Number, Weight, Revenue, etc.), “Customer” details (i.e., name, email, phone number, etc.), “Time Windows“, “Visit Details” (i.e., planned ETAs, time on site, etc.), “Custom Data“, and attached “Notes” with proof of visit and delivery.

To edit a stop, simply click it and modify or enter the new data or values directly in the stop’s manifest. Additionally, you can right-click stops and change their sequence position, remove stops, etc. Also, you can click stops on the map to check their details.

Opening and managing route stops, checking stop ETAs, editing customer details, order info, Custom Data, and adding notes in Route4Me's Route Editor.


Interactive Map – Map Types, Traffic, Weather, Territories, GPS Tracking

The Route Editor Interactive Map shows the route’s stops and driving directions. For your convenience, you can customize your Route Editor Map settings and enable additional map overlays based on your routing and business needs. To do so, click the “Map Settings” icon in the top left corner of the map.

Next, you can choose between the normal and satellite map types. Moreover, you can enable such additional map overlays as Live Traffic, Weather Conditions, Avoidance Zones, Address Territories, and Geofences. Furthermore, the Route Editor Map supports Google Street View, allowing you to view real-life panoramic images of the surroundings on the way to route stops.

Interactive Map in Route Editor shows route stops, driving directions, satellite map view, address territories, avoidance zones, user GPS tracking, weather overlays, and more.


Dashboard – Route Totals, Real-Time Progress, KPIs, Vehicle Utilization

The Route Editor Dashboard shows the route’s metrics, real-time route progress, vehicle utilization, and other dynamic route details. To open the Route Editor Dashboard, click the Open Icon (arrow) on the right side of the map. Accordingly, in the “Dashboard” section, you can check the route’s ETAs, stop visitation progress, Time Window adherence, etc.

Next, in the “General” section, you can check the main route parameters such as the number of stops, total route time, total wait time between Time Windows, service time, and more. Additionally, in the “Vehicle Utilization” section, you can check the current loading capacity of the vehicle assigned to the opened route.

Route Editor Dashboard shows the route's totals, visited and failed stops, route distance and travel time, predicted finish time, vehicle utilization, and more.


Route Progress – Real-Time Stop Statuses, ETAs, Time Windows

Route4Me automatically updates route progress in your Route Editor in real-time across all connected devices and accounts. For example, when a driver changes the status of the route, marks a stop as visited, or makes any other updates, all route changes are automatically synchronized and displayed in the Route Editor in real-time. You can use the following visually intuitive tools for tracking route progress in the Route Editor:

  1. Address and Stops List shows stops progress, visited, skipped, and failed statuses, estimated arrival times, late arrival times, etc.
  2. Route Editor Toolbar shows the route’s status updated by the driver via mobile app, actual route start time, Time Windows, etc.
  3. Route Dashboard shows the number of visited and remaining stops, late visits, planned route end time, etc.

Real-Time route progress tracking in Route Editor: route and stop statuses, stop ETAs and visited timestamps, time on site, planned with completed, and more.


Furthermore, you can see more detailed stop ETAs and actual visitation times. Click the stop to open its Stop Info. In the “Time Windows” section, you can check dynamic adherence to the stop’s Time Windows. In the “Visit Details” section, you can check the stop’s Service Time, Planned ETA, Reported Visit Time by the driver, Time on Site, etc. Additionally, click the Eye Icon to check the location where the assigned driver marked the stop as visited and the respective timestamp.

Stop Visit Details in Route Editor show timestamps when the stop was visited and departed, actual time on site, driver location at the time of visit, and more.


GPS Tracking – Real-Time Driver and Telematics Vehicle Tracking

Furthermore, you can easily track the user (driver) and the GPS vehicle assigned to the route on the Route Editor Map. To do so, simply click the Tracking Icon in the top left corner of the map. After that, the Route Editor will show the current location of the user and telematics vehicle assigned to the route. Additionally, the Route Editor will show the user’s and vehicle’s movement along the route as tracking breadcrumbs or GPS dots on the map.

Tracking the driver and GPS telematics vehicle assigned to the route in real-time on the Interactive Map in the Route Editor.


Route Settings – Edit, Update, Re-Optimize, Reschedule Route

The Route Editor Toolbar enables you to check the route’s current status and make quick route updates. Specifically, you can reschedule the route, dispatch the route, check the dispatch date, re-assign a user and vehicle to the route, etc.

Route Editor Toolbar Settings: dispatch route, assign vehicle and driver, reverse, re-optimize, and reschedule route, insert stops into route, and more.


Additionally, you can adjust the route’s primary settings. First, go to “Edit” in the toolbar and select “Open Route Settings” from the menu. The “General” tab lets you rename and reschedule the route, assign a driver and vehicle to the route, etc.

In the “Optimization” tab, you can adjust the route’s optimization settings and select the preferred route end option, travel mode, etc. The “Restrictions” tab lets you update the route’s directions to avoid highways, toll roads, left or right turns, etc.

Route Editor Route Settings: assign driver and vehicle to route, reschedule, dispatch, and re-optimize route, update directions, and more.


Activity Feed – Real-Time Route Events, Activities, Completed Tasks

The Route Editor Activity Feed shows a chronological log of completed activities, tasks, and events on the opened route. To open the Activity Feed, click the Open Icon (arrow) on the right side of the map and then click the Activity Feed Icon.

In the Activity Feed, you can check when the driver or user assigned to the route visited and left specific route stops, attached notes and proof of visit, inserted or removed stops, and made any other route updates.

Furthermore, you can filter events in the Activity Feed by activity type and route stop.

Activity Feed in Route Editor shows route events completed in real-time: added and removed stops, assigned driver and vehicle, attached proof of visit and delivery, added stop statuses, and more.


Web Route Editor and Mobile Driver Apps Real-Time Synchronization

Route4Me delivers seamless real-time route data synchronization between Route4Me’s Mobile Driver Apps and Web Platform Route Editor. In detail, drivers and field team members can use Route4Me’s Mobile Android Route Planner and iOS Route Planner apps to navigate routes, add stop statuses, attach proof of visit and delivery, etc. Route4Me automatically synchronizes route changes made using mobile apps, and you can instantly see route updates in the Web Platform Route Editor in real-time.

Similarly, managers, route planners, or dispatchers can use the Web Platform Route Editor to insert or remove route stops, resequence addresses, reschedule routes, and make other route modifications. Accordingly, drivers and field team members will instantly have their routes updated on mobile apps in real-time.

Web Route Editor and Mobile Driver Apps real-time route synchronization for inserted and removed stops, route and stop statuses, attached proof of visit and delivery, and other route updates.



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