Advanced Configuration Editor – Customize Account Features

With Route4Me’s Advanced Configuration Editor, you can add additional features and customizations for your account based on your unique last-mile routing, logistics, and business needs. Specifically, you can enable additional features, modify the user interface, customize how specific features work, enhance the performance of various system capabilities, and more.

In this guide, you can learn how to use Route4Me’s Advanced Configuration Editor to add, enable, and disable advanced account configurations. Additionally, you can find the list of advanced account configurations you can add and enable for your account.



Open Advanced Configuration Editor – Configuration Editor Link

First, sign into your Route4Me account and then use this link to open the Advanced Configuration Editor. Further, you can find the list of the available configurations and learn how to add new configurations and manage added configurations. NOTE: To enable the Advanced Configuration Editor for your Route4Me account, please contact your direct Route4Me Routing Expert or Route4Me’s Customer Support Team.

Open Route4Me's Advanced Configuration Editor for customizing Route4Me route optimization account features.


Add and Manage Advanced Route4Me Account Configurations

To add a new configuration to your account, click the “New Variable” button in the top left corner. Next, add the configuration’s Key and one or multiple Values. Accordingly, the Configuration Key is a string or a line of code. The Configuration Values are one or multiple values that enable or disable the configuration, add custom configuration settings, etc. Next, click the “Save” button to add the new configuration or “Save + New” to add this and continue adding more configurations.

Add advanced configuration Key and Value to enable or disable the configuration for the Route4Me route planning account.


Accordingly, once the configuration is created, you can instantly access and manage it in the Advanced Configuration Editor. To do so, click on the gear icon next to the preferred configuration and then select the preferred action. Specifically, you can edit or delete the configuration and copy its Key and Value(s).

Manage, edit, enable, and disable advanced account configurations.


Hide Configuration Values in Advanced Configuration Editor

Additionally, you can hide the values in the added configurations that you consider confidential and don’t want to be visible. To do so, click on the gear icon next to the preferred added configuration. Next, check the “Hide Actual Value” box and then click the “Save” button to update the configuration.

Hide advanced configuration values for account customizations, API, and other route optimization account features.


Once the configuration is updated, its values are automatically hidden in the Advanced Configuration Editor and other places. Accordingly, configurations with hidden values are replaced by asterisks, and they have the respective checkmark in the “Hidden” column in the Advanced Configuration Editor.

Hidden advanced configuration values for features in the Route4Me last mile route optimization account.


Advanced Configurations List – Enable and Disable Account Configs

Below, you can find the list of advanced account configurations that you can use to customize your Route4Me account, enable additional features, and more. Some configurations can be enabled using the “TRUE” value and disabled using the “FALSE” value. Other configurations can have one or multiple custom values. NOTE: To enable and add specific configurations for your account, please contact your direct Route4Me Routing Expert or Route4Me’s Customer Support Team.

List of advanced configurations for customizing Route4Me's route planning and route optimization account features.

Configuration Key Enable DisableConfiguration Description
hide_minor_routes_list_notificationsTRUEFALSEWhen you have multiple team members and thousands of routes, you may get hundreds of thousands of live notifications about visited stops, updated routes, added notes, and other alerts. When this advanced configuration is set to “TRUE” and enabled, it hides real-time push notifications that are shown in your Routes List and Routes Map. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s real-time push notification and alert types.
disable_routes_list_hover_previewTRUEFALSEWhen this configuration is set to “TRUE” and enabled, it disables the route preview pop-up window that appears in the Routes List when you hover over routes.



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