Getting to Know the Basics

Route4Me is an enterprise-grade route planning and optimization software solution delivered via our website (Route4Me Website) and through our three handheld applications (Route4Me iPad App, Route4Me iPhone App and Route4Me Android App).

All four of our Route4Me applications can be synchronized to share Addresses and Routes so office managers and dispatchers can be connected with field personnel in real-time.

An Address is a customer location stored in your Address Book or a stop on a planned/optimized Route.​

A Route is a sequence of Addresses optimized by the shortest distance, shortest time or shortest time taking into consideration current traffic patterns at the time the Route is planned. A Route can then be assigned to a Team member – a driver, a vehicle, or a user of one of our three handheld applications.

Route4Me helps you to easily create an optimized route by properly sequencing multiple destinations. In addition to a high-performance optimization system, Route4Me also offers vehicle management & tracking, route management, driving directions, financial reporting, data exporting and importing, heat density maps, synchronized notes and much more!

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