Route4Me Last Mile Route Optimization Web Platform – Getting Started Guide

Route4Me helps growing businesses conquer last mile complexity and deliver service their customers can trust. With more than 3 billion miles optimized over 750 million stops and 30 million routes, Route4Me’s patented, proven technology sets the industry standard for speed, simplicity, and sustainability. In this guide, you can learn how to use Route4Me’s Last Mile Route Optimization Web Software. Specifically, plan, sequence, and optimize routes for delivery, pickup, sales, and field service, add drivers, connect vehicles, manage teams, dispatch routes, manage and edit routes, mobile driver apps, reporting and analytics, and more.

Route4Me Last Mile Route Optimization Web Platform Getting Started Guide.



Add Drivers, Route Planners, Managers, Admins And Team Users

With Route4Me, you can create an organized and easily manageable network of drivers, route planners, dispatchers, and managers. Depending on your unique last mile routing and business needs, each user can have custom account-level permissions for route visibility, driver and vehicle access, asset tracking, customer management, routing, etc.

Furthermore, you can dispatch routes to drivers and assign users routes with custom access and permissions, required tasks, and more. To add new drivers and users or manage your Route4Me Team, go to “Team” and then “Users” in the main menu. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s Team Hierarchy, User Types, and Account Level Permissions.

Also, you can learn how to Add Drivers, Create Users, and Manage Your Team.

Create and manage a team of drivers, route planners, dispatchers, and managers in Route4Me's Last Mile Route Optimization Software.


Connect Vehicles – Add GPS Vehicles And Connect Telematics Vendors

With Route4Me’s vehicle fleet management software, you can easily create and manage a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, semis, heavy equipment, and other vehicles with specific parameters. Furthermore, you can automatically import and connect GPS vehicles from various telematics vendors. Once your fleet is set up, you can dispatch routes to vehicles, track vehicles on a map in real-time, check fuel expenses and CO2 emissions, and more. To create new vehicles and manage your Route4Me fleet, go to “Team” and then “Vehicles” in the main menu. Additionally, learn how to Add and Manage Your Route4Me Fleet Vehicles.

Also, you can learn how to Import GPS Vehicles Using Route4Me’s Telematics Gateway.

Add vehicles and import GPS vehicles from telematics vendors into Route4Me's Last Mile Route Optimization and Fleet Management Software.


Plan, Schedule And Optimize Last Mile Routes With Business Rules

To plan and optimize routes, you need to add your addresses. For maximum convenience and efficiency, Route4Me enables you to easily import route addresses from another system, upload spreadsheets with addresses, copy and paste addresses, upload files from Google Drive or Dropbox, or pick addresses right from the interactive map. To plan a new route, go to “Routes” and then “Plan New Route” in the main menu. Next, select the preferred method for adding or importing route addresses: Interactive Map Editor, Copy and Paste, Upload a File, or Import Data.

Enter addresses with autocomplete and geocoding, import addresses from a drive, or pick locations on the map for route planning and optimization.


Route4Me’s patented enterprise route optimization software sets the industry standard for speed and accuracy, enabling you to sequence the most optimal and efficient multi-address routes. Furthermore, Route4Me provides flexible and task-specific route optimization constraints and business rules. For example, you can plan routes with such Routing Business Rules as Time Windows for customers, Avoidance Zones, Vehicle Capacity Constraints, Driver Breaks, etc. Additionally, you can use such Route Optimization Constraints as Maximum Number of Stops per Route, Maximum Route Distance, Maximum Weight, Maximum Pieces and Maximum Revenue, and more.

Moreover, to make your route planning process faster and more efficient, you can create and re-use custom Optimization Profiles. Specifically, Optimization Profiles are route settings templates, where you can add a set of unique route parameters, business rules, and optimization constraints and re-use your profiles for planning new routes. Additionally, learn more about Planning and Optimizing Routes Using Route4Me’s Optimization Profiles.

Create custom Route Optimization Profiles with last mile route planning settings, business rules, routing constraints, and more.


Manage Routes – Route Editor, Routes Map, Routes List

Next, you can conveniently manage and edit your planned, scheduled, and optimized routes. Furthermore, you can easily handle last-minute changes, insert stops, remove stops, attach additional order details, reassign drivers and vehicles, and instantly synchronize all updates across the team, connected accounts, and mobile driver apps. In detail, Route4Me provides multiple route management tools for your unique routing and last mile business needs.

Manage planned and optimized last mile routes in Route4Me's Route Editor, Routes Map, and Routes List.

Routes MapRoute4Me’s Routes Map enables you to open and simultaneously manage multiple routes on the same map and timeline. Specifically, you can move stops between routes using the timeline, compare route metrics, view routes side by side on the map, track multiple drivers and vehicles on the same map, insert stops and addresses, adjust Time Windows, reschedule routes, track route status, progress, and completed deliveries, and more.
Route EditorRoute4Me’s Route Editor is your primary tool for opening, viewing, and managing individual planned routes. You can use the Route Editor to open routes, check route metrics and KPIs, manage stops and addresses, customize the route map, adjust route and optimization settings, track route progress and stop statuses in real-time, synchronize route changes with mobile driver apps, track the assigned driver and GPS vehicle, check attached proof of delivery, and more.
Routes ListRoute4Me’s Routes List is a centralized database where you can store and easily manage hundreds of thousands of planned, optimized, and scheduled last mile routes. Furthermore, you can use your Routes List to search routes, track route progress and order statuses in real-time, assign drivers and vehicles to routes, reschedule routes, manage routes, and more.


Dispatch Routes – Send Routes To Drivers And GPS Vehicles

With Route4Me, you can dispatch routes to drivers and vehicles at the touch of a button. Once a route is dispatched, the driver can open the route using Route4Me’s Mobile Driver app, start and navigate the route, complete tasks, and finish the route. Furthermore, as the driver or GPS vehicle travels the route, you can track the route progress and driver and vehicle location on the map in real-time. To dispatch a route to a driver or send a route to a user, simply assign the preferred user to the route. Additionally, learn more about Assigning Drivers and Users to Routes and Dispatching Routes to GPS Vehicles. Also, you can learn how to Track Drivers and Vehicles on the Live Route Map.

Dispatch last mile routes to driver mobile apps to open dispatched routes, navigate routes, complete driver tasks, collect proof of delivery and visit, etc.


Mobile Driver Apps – Navigate Routes, Complete Tasks, Collect POD

Route4Me’s Mobile Driver Apps provide seamless continuity throughout the entire multi-stop route planning, optimization, navigation, and visitation process. Drivers can use Route4Me’s mobile apps for sequencing and navigating efficient day-to-day multi-address routes.

Furthermore, last mile businesses and companies can use Route4Me’s mobile apps for dispatching routes to drivers, completing driver tasks, collecting electronic signatures, proof of delivery, proof of visit, and more.

For your convenience, you can install Route4Me’s mobile app on both Android and iOS Apple devices. Additionally, learn how to Plan and Manage Multi-Address Routes on Route4Me’ Mobile Apps. Also, you can learn how to Navigate and Complete Routes on Route4Me’s Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

Route4Me Mobile Driver Apps: Open dispatched and scheduled routes, drive routes with in-app GPS navigation, complete driver tasks, collect proof of visit, and finish routes.


Delivery Management System – Last Mile Order Delivery Management

With Route4Me’s Delivery Management System, you can easily import, sort, schedule, manage, route, and deliver hundreds of thousands of orders. The system provides easy-to-use tools for managers, route planners, sorters, dispatchers, and drivers to efficiently complete their day-to-day order and routing activities. Furthermore, Route4Me’s Business Delivery Routing Software supports real-time data synchronization across all connected accounts, apps, and devices.

Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s Order Delivery Management System, sort and schedule orders, load orders on routes, scan order barcodes, load and unload orders on routes, and more.

Route4Me Delivery Management System: Import orders from CRM or other systems, scan and sort orders, insert orders into last mile routes, deliver orders, and more.


Analytics and Reporting – Planned VS Actual Route, Driver, Asset KPIs

Route4Me’s flexible reporting and analytics tools are designed to help you collect and visualize various types of actionable last mile intelligence and real-time statistics generated by your team, vehicles, and other assets. You can use your Route4Me Dashboard to track the real-time progress of your drivers and field team, monitor your organization’s overall performance, compare weekly or monthly KPIs, check Planned vs Actual metrics, track CO2 emissions, and more. You can also use your Route4Me Activity Feed to monitor and audit your entire operation.

Last Mile Routing Dashboard: Track planned vs actual route KPIs, driver performance, visited stops and driven miles, customer satisfaction, and more.


Feature Manager – Customize Last Mile Route Optimization Software

Route4Me Subscription Packages are designed to solve specific last mile optimization problems. Furthermore, you can easily customize your Route4Me software solution. In detail, you can use Route4Me’s Marketplace to enable task-specific add-ons and modules based on your unique routing requirements and business model. As a registered user, you can customize your solution using Route4Me’s Feature Manager.

Furthermore, Route4Me features additional advanced account configurations. Specifically, you can enable and disable unique settings and features for your Route4Me software solution to add an extra layer of customization.

Additionally, learn more about using Route4Me’s Advanced Configuration Editor.

Route4Me Feature Manager and Marketplace: Customize last mile route optimization software solution with add-ons, modules, and custom configurations.



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