Single Driver Route Optimization

Route4Me supports two optimization types: Single Driver Route and Multiple Drivers Route.

The “Single Driver Route” optimization will include all of your stops into a single route and it will determine the best possible sequence for visiting the stops.


Choose your preferred route planning option (one-time route or recurring routing) to open the route parameters window. Click the “Optimization” tab, then select “Single Driver Route”.


As driving route planner, Route4Me is very easy to use and navigate


Tour Types

You can choose between three different tour types:

  • – End route at any address – the starting and ending points will be different and the ending point will be determined by the optimization engine;
  • – End route at departure address (Roundtrip) – the route is a round trip, starting and ending at the same address;
  • – End route at last address – the route ends at the last destination in your address list.


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