Bulk Stops Deletion – Delete Multiple Route Stops At A Time

Last-minute customer cancelations and dynamic route changes happen often in last mile routing logistics and delivery operations. Route4Me’s near-real-time routing timeline allows you to display multiple routes side by side and manage their addresses with drag and drop. Thus, you can remove canceled deliveries from routes with a click of a button.

The interactive routing timeline allows you to concurrently remove multiple addresses from multiple routes. Moreover, after removing multiple addresses from several routes, you can simultaneously reoptimize all those routes. Even when you remove addresses from already started routes, you can reoptimize only those addresses that haven’t been visited.

To simultaneously delete multiple route addresses from one or multiple routes, go to “Routes Map” from the navigation menu. After that, select one or multiple routes that have the addresses that you want to delete.

Multiple Routes Map - concurrently open multiple routes and manage route addresses in the timeline.


Next, switch to the “New Timeline version (beta)” by clicking on the information icon in the top right corner of the timeline. If you want to concurrently delete multiple addresses from several routes that are scheduled for different dates, check the “Ignore Dates” box to see all selected routes in the same timeline.

Switch to the new timeline version (beta) to access more features for concurrent route management.


Next, select the addresses that you want to delete:

  • Windows OS: Press and hold Ctrl or Shift and then click on the addresses you want to select.
  • macOS: Press and hold Command (cmd) or Shift and then click on the addresses that you want to select.

To delete all addresses on a route, press and hold Shift and then select the first and the last destinations of the given route.

Select addresses in the concurrently opened routes and delete multiple route stops simultaneously.


After selecting the route addresses that you want to delete, right-click on any of the selected addresses, select “Remove Addresses” from the menu and then select the reason for removing the corresponding route stops.

Select the reason for removing multiple stops from one or multiple concurrently opened routes.


After removing one or multiple addresses from one or multiple routes, Route4Me will automatically update the routes’ directions to accommodate the changes without changing routing sequences.

Route4Me will automatically update routes with deleted addesses for optimal driving directions.


After removing stops from routes, you can re-optimize your routes to get optimal routing sequences. To re-optimize all destinations on each selected route, go to “Routes” in the toolbar and select “Re-Optimize Selected Routes” from the menu. When re-optimizing routes, Route4Me will resequence all selected routes for optimal travel time and distance. Re-optimizing a route with even a single removed address can output a significantly different routing sequence.

Concurrently re-optimize routes with deleted addresses for optimal route sequence and directions.


If the routes with deleted addresses have visited stops, you can re-optimize only the addresses that have not been visited. This way, you can remove stops from already started routes and re-optimize remaining stops for optimal visitation sequences. To re-optimize remaining stops, go to “Routes” in the toolbar and select “Re-Optimize Remaining Stops” from the menu.

Re-optimize only not visited stops on a started route to accommodate dynamic stop removal.



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