Ready For The 2025 Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Demand?

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and all local florists are getting ready for one of the busiest times of the year. Soon, everyone will start sending flowers to loved ones – and your Valentine’s Day flower delivery service will be in high demand.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Consumers look for cheap Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery,
And local florists need to make their wishes come true.

How do you plan on managing flower delivery in 2025?

Here are a couple of tips to help you make the most of this year’s opportunities.



Flower Sales to Reach USD 2 Billion on Valentine’s Day in 2025

Compared to previous years, the forecasted flower sales on Valentine’s Day in 2025 are on the decline. According to Statista, U.S. consumers are expected to buy flowers worth USD 2 billion.


But What About Flower Delivery?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not going anywhere for now, online shopping and delivery are still the preferred methods of buying goods. So, there’s a high chance that flower delivery will get a significant share of the total flower sales this year.

Hand orders flowers online from local florist and delivery driver delivers fresh flowers at someone's door on Valentine's day


How Should Local Florists Prepare for This Spike in Delivery Demand?

According to the Society of American Florists, the main pain points of flower businesses are transportation and sourcing extra workforce during peak demand. So, the solution for both these problems starts with better resource management.

Continuing with this idea, a route planner for flower delivery management would most certainly help florists improve the efficiency of their operation by creating fast and cost-effective routes, which enables drivers to deliver more flowers in less time.


How Do You Optimize a Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery?

To make sure you’re not facing the same difficulties as your industry peers and missing sales due to poor resource allocation, the Route4Me routing software will help you out.

You can begin your 7-Day Free trial today – right in time for the Valentine’s Day spike in flower delivery demand.

Follow these 8 simple steps to:

  • Deliver more flowers with the same number of delivery drivers and vehicles
  • Make more money
  • Save time
  • Save gas
  • Gain more control over your entire delivery operation


1. Import Contacts from Customer Data Management Systems

Sync your flower orders and customer addresses with the route planner. To do so, Route4Me allows you to import orders and customer data automatically from virtually any customer data management system or platform, including:

Importing customer delivery addresses from multiple platforms to plan routes for Valentine's day flower delivery


2. Add Schedules to Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Orders

Next, add schedules to the imported customer addresses. With Route4Me, you can add delivery schedules to each address, one by one. Alternatively, you can also upload schedules in bulk.

Creating schedules for Valentine's day flower delivery orders on route optimization software


3. Add Flower Delivery Drivers and Vehicles to Route Planner App

Next, create profiles for your delivery drivers and vehicles. On the Route4Me route planner, you can manage your flower delivery workforce easily by creating a complex organizational structure with all of your employees. Assign clearly-defined roles to each team member, adjust the company visibility settings, and you’re all set.

Creating profiles for delivery drivers on flower delivery management software for florist shops


4. Schedule Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Routes

Before mapping your flower orders into the fastest delivery routes, you have to set up route parameters. To make sure you’re on top of the upcoming surge in demand, consider planning and scheduling routes in advance. This way, you’ll know exactly how many drivers and vehicles you need to fulfill the incoming orders. Plus, you’ll know when your capacity is not enough before the actual heavy workload hits. This will buy you more time to hire additional seasonal staff and not miss any sales.

Scheduling delivery routes planned on route optimization software for flower delivery


5. Plan and Optimize Routes for Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

As soon as you’ve established the delivery schedules for your routes, it’s time to actually plan and optimize the routes. To do so, first select the addresses or orders to be routed. Next, choose the right optimization type (single driver, multi-driver, etc.). Finally, before getting the optimized route, add route optimization constraints and routing business rules to tailor the delivery routes to your exact needs. Route4Me allows you to plan routes as per:

Optimized route with multiple stops and multiple drivers planned on route optimization software


6. Dispatch Routes to Flower Delivery Drivers Route Planner Apps

After the flower delivery management software outputs the most optimal routes, you can send them straight to your drivers’ iOS or Android route planner apps. The Route4Me route planner apps will automatically sync edits you make to in-progress routes. This comes in handy when orders get canceled last-minute and a stop needs to be deleted, a delivery address needs to be changed, or a delivery has to be postponed, etc.

When situations like that occur, you can simply adjust the routes, and your drivers’ app will mirror the changes – it’s that simple! Moreover, with the Route4Me route planner apps, drivers can navigate routes following voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions that account for real-time traffic.

Dispatching flower delivery routes from flower delivery software to drivers' route planner apps


7. Send Delivery Alerts to Customers Before Sending the Flowers

To ensure every delivery goes smoothly and you’re drivers don’t have to wait around for the customer to hand over the ordered flowers, consider sending delivery alerts. With Route4Me, you can enable automated customer SMS, email, and phone-call notifications. Furthermore, you can also set up a branded track and trace customer portal to save even more time. By doing so, you’ll avoid customers calling in to check on their order status.

Setting up automated delivery alerts and notifications to notify customers before delivering flowers


8. Track Each Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery & Asses KPIs

As drivers service each stop and fulfill orders, you can track their progress on a live map. Alternatively, you can also watch a tracking history video after your drivers have completed their assigned tasks. To have a complete bird’s eye view over the entire Valentine’s Day flower delivery process, assess the reports on Route4Me’s dashboard. The gathered data will tell you:

Tracking flower delivery drivers in real time on a map using flower delivery management software


How Route4Me Helped Gabe, a Flower Delivery Driver

Gabe is a flower delivery driver for Tobler’s Flowers, Kansas. Although not familiar with the Kansas City area, Gabe managed to complete his daily routes with ease.

“My supervisor knows how efficient I am”, Gabe says. Thanks to Route4Me, the newly hired flower delivery driver managed to impress his higher-ups and learn the city streets and intersections by heart at the same time.

In terms of productivity and efficiency, Gabe brought himself up to speed with his team members that have been navigating the same routes for over two decades.

Flower delivery driver standing in front of a delivery car delivering a flower bouquet from a local florist


Now, it’s your flower business’ turn to bloom.

Start your free 7-Day Free trial today!


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