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Pharmaceutical delivery companies can use Route4Me to get life saving medication to patients faster – and it is particularly important for handicapped patients who cannot go to the pharmacy conveniently or at all.

Route Optimization and Planning for Pharmaceutical Delivery


Given the DEA regulated content of some of your pharma deliveries, it’s important to track chain-of-custody using GPS tracking. This feature records your driver locations and speed in real-time. So there won’t be a single minute where you can’t account for their whereabouts, and it will help give you peace of mind.

Using the power of GPS tracking, additional benefits like real-time delivery notifications and alerts are instantly made available to your customer with our customer notification and alerts add-on. Your customers will always know where your drivers are and will be able to help let them in quicker, saving your drivers time.

Smartphone GPS tracking also enables conveniently automated proof of visitation using our geofencing feature. The geofence is an automatic virtual perimeter around your customer location that automatically records when your drivers enters the customer’s location. This provides you with another way to confirm that deliveries are being made as scheduled, even if the driver fails to get the signature or forgets to mark the location as visited. You can never have too much proof when it comes to pharmaceutical delivery.

Another beneficial verification tool is the e-signature feature inside your driver’s Route4Me smartphone app, which will let your customers sign for deliveries on the screen of the smartphone just like the big companies do it. You shouldn’t collect these signatures with pen and paper because paper slips are easy to lose. And by going digital, you’ll be able to always track down your signature confirmations and tie them to a specific customer, driver, and route.

Many of our pharmaceutical delivery clients just upload addresses that need to be visited and we plan their routes for them. But if you want to enter specific line-item orders into Route4Me for even better tracking and item level visibility, we recommend that you purchase an additional HIPAA compliance BAA module.

Since HIPAA passed into law in 1996, it’s been especially important to protect patient information. A data breach can be very costly – up to $50,000 per HIPAA violation.

While all information is encrypted in transit and at rest when you use Route4Me, the additional HIPAA-compliant capabilities like automatic logout, audit logging, and many others are available through a purchased add-on.


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