Managing Your Account

If you erased a team member, that you would like to recover, please email [email protected] and we will manually re-activate the account. Otherwise, the e-mail address that is assigned to this user will be reserved in our system, and no other users could register with this e-mail.
Route4Me permits you to add multiple levels of accounts. For instance, a dispatcher in California, that has a route planner working for him, and 10 drivers. The drivers would not be able to modify the routes, only mark addresses as visited and upload notes. The route planner would be able to assign routes from one driver to another, or shift customer orders around, as well as create new routes. The dispatcher would be able to see where all the users were located on a real-time map, and make changes to any route, as well as communicate with each of the drivers using a 2-way chat.
If you choose to erase your Route4Me account, the routes and address book data in your account are permanently erased.
Yes, but you must select a seasonal industry in your account settings page, as well as re-activate your account within one year of the most recent cancellation in order to keep your data.

In general, terminating your subscription in an off-season is not as efficient as keeping it on. During the off-season, you could review your customer list, assign new users, and explore new territories where you can pursue new business.

Yes. Any multi-user Route4Me account can share the address book to all the sub-users in that account. All users beneath the account are able to plan routes with the address book contacts and can modify the shared address book.
On the “View Saved Routes” page, check the boxes corresponding to the routes you want to assign to a single user, then click “Edit” and select “Assign User”.
We define a User to be any user of our Route4Me website and any record created via the Team tab inside the Route4Me website application. Users can be assigned different roles within the system, such as Route Planner, Dispatcher or Driver. Vehicles can be created separately from users and can be assigned to routes.
Route4Me accounts do not have any user count limitations. However, the number of users included at no additional cost in each subscription level varies by plan. Professional plan subscribers have a single user included in the monthly subscription price. Team plan subscribers have 7 users/drivers included as part of the subscription. Small Business plan subscribers have 100 users included as part of the plan. All plans can purchase additional users at a price of $69 per user per month.
In the new Marketplace account type, account fees are per company per month, with only some modules being per user per month.