Does Route4Me Provide Routing Team Training?

Yes. Route4Me provides routing team training and onboarding sessions designed to help you and your team get basic route planning knowledge or solve unique and complex routing cases. We offer complimentary route planner onboarding for all new users and free training sessions for all existing users.

You can easily schedule a Route4Me training session online for a convenient time slot. When scheduling, you can describe your specific routing case, and our Routing Experts will help you solve it during the training session. Furthermore, you can even attach a link to a file with addresses and routing data that you would like to be used during the online meeting. Our Routing Experts will use your business and routing data to demonstrate how your unique routing case can be easily solved with our solutions.

Route4Me’s training sessions are super flexible. Delivery driver training, route planner training, route dispatcher training, and so on. We’ll help you get the training you need to make the most out of your routing solution.

Meetings can host up to 10 participants at a time. For more convenience, you can download completed routing team training sessions right from your Route4Me account and share them with the team.

You can be a small business with a couple of drivers, a medium business with ten plus field members, or an enterprise with hundreds of drivers and field members. Route4Me’s online route planner training will help you solve your unique routing cases of any complexity online.

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