Account Settings & Support

If you choose to erase your Route4Me account, the routes and address book data in your account are permanently erased.

Route4Me’s route data search engine enables you to find all types of information about your routes by scanning various route attributes. For example, you can search for routes by customer name, included orders, route details, etc. Route4Me enables you to easily scan through hundreds of thousands of routes and find the right routes in seconds.

Having a flexible and fast route search enables you to save time and manage your routes more efficiently.

Route4Me's route data search engine can search for routes using various route attributes.

Our route planning software supports real-time route data synchronization between the Web Platform and mobile route planner apps. In this way, you can plan routes on the Web Platform and conveniently access them from any mobile device. Alternatively, you can search for mobile planned routes from the Web.


Route4Me Web Platform Route Data Search

On the Route4Me Web Platform, you can use the route search in multiple interfaces like the Routes Map, Routes List, etc. You can search for routes by route name, customer details, route destination details, custom data added to stops, attached notes, and other route attributes.

To search for a route, input the available route attribute(s) into the search field and hit enter. Route4Me will scan through all your routes and show all matching results in seconds.

Search for routes, orders, customers, etc., by route attributes on the Route4Me Web Platform.


Searching on Route4Me’s Mobile Route Planners

Furthermore, you can use our search engine on Route4Me’s Mobile Route Planning Apps. The search engine on our mobile apps is as powerful as on the Web Platform. To search for routes using the Android Route Planner or iOS Route Planner, simply input the available route attribute(s) into the search.

Additionally, Route4Me’s mobile apps can be connected to the Route4Me Web Platform. Once connected, apps will automatically sync route data between all associated devices in real-time. Therefore, you can search for Web routes from your smartphone or tablet and vice versa.

Use route data search on Route4Me's mobile route planners for iOS and Android devices.


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For your convenience, Route4Me has multiple supported payment methods. Currently, Route4Me supports such payment options as Mastercard, Visa, American Express (AMEX), Discover Card, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

In this way, you can pay for your Route4Me solution using any preferred payment method. Furthermore, you can update your billing details at any time and change your preferred payment method in a few clicks.

Below, you can learn about the simple steps how to check out your Route4Me subscription after registration.


Configure Your Route Planning Solution

First, use the Route4Me Feature Manager to configure your Route4Me subscription. You can add new add-ons or remove the ones you don’t need. Next, click on the Checkout button to add your billing details.

Customize your route planning solution and buy a subscription in the Feature Manager.


Fill Out Route4Me Billing Details

After that, check that your subscription includes the correct add-ons and modules. Next, fill out your billing details.

Fill out the billing details for your Route4Me route planning software subscription.


Select Any of the Supported Payment Methods

Finally, select the preferred payment method and fill out your payment method details. Now, Route4Me supports the following payment options:

  • Credit Card: Mastercard, Visa, American Express (AMEX), Discover Card
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal

Pay for your Route4Me route planning solution using any of the supported payment methods.


Route4Me Mobile Route Planner Apps

Additionally, Route4Me’s Android Route Planner and iOS Route Planner apps use different billing systems and support different payment methods.

Route4Me’s mobile subscriptions for Android devices (smartphones and tablets) use Google Play’s billing system. Therefore, you can manage your Route4Me Android subscription and pay for it using the payment method(s) supported by Google Play.

Similarly, Route4Me’s mobile subscriptions for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) use Apple App Store’s billing system. Thus, you can manage your Route4Me iOS subscription and pay for it using the payment method(s) supported by the Apple App Store.

Route4Me's mobile route planner apps are billed through Google Play and Apple App Store.


In addition, learn more about the difference between Route4Me’s Mobile vs Web Subscriptions.

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Route4Me customer support levels include the following Premium Support levels:

  • Premium Support V4
  • Premium Support V6
  • Premium Support V8
  • Premium Support V12
  • Premium Support Twin-Turbo V12


The Route4Me customer support types include the following:

  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support


Such flexibility allows you to choose the Route4Me Success Plan Type that best fits your unique business needs. Depending on the selected customer success level, your plan can include the following features:

  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • 9 to 5 Monday to Friday Phone Support
  • 24×7 Phone Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Routing Expert
  • Quarterly Account Review
  • Weekly Account Review
  • Expert at Your Location

NOTE: You can upgrade or downgrade your Route4Me customer support levels and support types at any time.


You can get help from Route4Me’s Customer Success Team at any time from any Route4Me platform: Route4Me Web Platform, Android Route Planner, and iOS Route Planner.

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Yes. Route4Me provides routing team training and onboarding sessions designed to help you and your team get basic route planning knowledge or solve unique and complex routing cases. We offer complimentary route planner onboarding for all new users and free training sessions for all existing users.

You can easily schedule a Route4Me training session online for a convenient time slot. When scheduling, you can describe your specific routing case, and our Routing Experts will help you solve it during the training session. Furthermore, you can even attach a link to a file with addresses and routing data that you would like to be used during the online meeting. Our Routing Experts will use your business and routing data to demonstrate how your unique routing case can be easily solved with our solutions.

Route4Me’s training sessions are super flexible. Delivery driver training, route planner training, route dispatcher training, and so on. We’ll help you get the training you need to make the most out of your routing solution.

Meetings can host up to 10 participants at a time. For more convenience, you can download completed routing team training sessions right from your Route4Me account and share them with the team.

You can be a small business with a couple of drivers, a medium business with ten plus field members, or an enterprise with hundreds of drivers and field members. Route4Me’s online route planner training will help you solve your unique routing cases of any complexity online.

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Route4Me supports Imperial and Metric units of measurement. You can modify your account measurement unit type in the account settings screen.

Route4Me’s default timezone is Eastern Time. However, future versions will permit account holders to modify their time zone.

Yes, but you must select a seasonal industry in your account settings page, as well as re-activate your account within one year of the most recent cancellation in order to keep your data.

In general, terminating your subscription in an off-season is not as efficient as keeping it on. During the off-season, you could review your customer list, assign new users, and explore new territories where you can pursue new business.



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About Route4Me

Route4Me has over 35,000 customers globally. Route4Me's Android and iPhone mobile apps have been downloaded over 2 million times since 2009. Extremely easy-to-use, Route4Me's apps create optimized routes, synchronize routes to mobile devices, enable communication with drivers and customers, offer turn-by-turn directions, delivery confirmation, and more. Behind the scenes, Route4Me's operational optimization platform combines high-performance algorithms with data science, machine learning, and big data to plan, optimize, and analyze routes of almost any size in real-time.