Can I Squeeze in a Last Minute Pickup or Delivery on an Existing Route?

Yes, Route4Me’s dynamic routing software enables you to insert any number of last minute pickup or delivery addresses to your already planned routes. Moreover, any route change will be instantly synced across all the devices associated with your Route4Me account.

Last minute pickup or delivery route stops added to planned routes and synced across the route planners connected to the same account.


Making Dynamic Changes to Routes With Route4Me’s Route Editor

With Route4Me’s Route Editor, you can add stops to any planned route from your Routes List. And once you implement a route change, your drivers’ Android Route Planner and iOS Route Planner apps will automatically implement the updates. This way, your drivers are always up to speed with any last minute route modifications.

Moreover, the Route Editor enables you to insert addresses into routes directly from the interactive map, from address territories, or from your Synced Address Book. Plus, you can choose inside which route and where in the route to insert the new stop(s). For example, Route4Me gives you the ability to add last minute pickup or delivery stops as follows:

  • After the last visited stop
  • After the last stop on the route
  • At the most efficient and optimal position inside a route

Dynamically adding last minute pickup or delivery addresses to planned routes with Route4Me.


Inserting a Last Minute Pickup or Delivery into the Best Route

Furthermore, Route4Me’s Dynamic Stop Insertion feature gives you the ability to automatically adapt your routing operation to any unplanned request. Namely, Route4Me can effortlessly add addresses to the most optimal routes for you.

On that note, you can choose to add the respective route stops to routes scheduled for a specific date. Additionally, Route4Me provides distance and time metrics showcasing how each route would be affected by the new stop insertion.

Also, you can control the position in which the system will insert the new stop. For instance, you can choose to add the stop at the end or the beginning of a route, at the most optimal position, or at the most optimal position after the last visited stop.

Route distance and route time metrics showcasing how a last minute pickup or delivery stop insertion would affect a route.


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