Android and iOS Route Planner Mobile Subscriptions

Route4Me’s iOS and Android Mobile Route Planners are designed to make your daily routing operations and transactions more efficient and productive, allowing you to effortlessly optimize, manage, navigate, and successfully complete last mile routes of any complexity using only your mobile device. Thus, regardless of what mobile platform you prefer to use, you can install Route4Me’s mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet with a touch of the button and start optimizing your routes right away. For maximum security, Route4Me’s mobile subscriptions can be purchased only through the Apple App Store (and iTunes) for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • To learn more about managing the Route4Me Mobile Subscription on your Android device, visit this page.
  • To learn more about managing the Route4Me Mobile Subscription on your iOS device, visit this page.

Android and iOS Route4Me Mobile Subscriptions Features and Capabilities


The table below provides the list of the features and capabilities included into Route4Me’s Mobile Subscription Plans for Android and iOS mobile devices:

Feature/CapabilityMobile Unlimited Android Monthly/AnnualMobile Only iOS Monthly/AnnualLearn More
Route Planning and Optimization: “Routing Type/Optimization Type”
Plan New RouteAndroid/iOS
Round TripAndroid/iOS
Lock Last DestinationAndroid/iOS
End AnywhereAndroid/iOS
Disable Optimization – End AnywhereAndroid/iOS
Disable Optimization – Round TripAndroid/iOS
Route Planning and Optimization: Optimization For
Shortest TimeAndroid/iOS
Shortest Time with Current TrafficAndroid/iOS
Route Planning and Optimization: “Travel Mode”
Route Planning and Optimization: “Avoid Roads”
No Road RestrictionsAndroid/iOS
Avoid HighwaysAndroid/iOS
Minimize HighwaysAndroid/iOS
Avoid Toll RoadsAndroid/iOS
Minimize Toll RoadsAndroid/iOS
Route Data Import/Address Import
Add Addresses ManuallyAndroid/iOS
Use Current Location as Start/EndAndroid/iOS
Select from Device ContactsAndroid/iOS
Select from Route4Me Synced Address BookAndroid/iOS
Import Spreadsheets from Google DriveAndroid/iOS
Import Addresses from DropboxAndroid/iOS
Upload Spreadsheets from DeviceAndroid/iOS
Add Addresses with Voice DictationAndroid/iOS
Route Management/Destinations Management (Planned Routes)
Search RoutesAndroid/iOS
Edit Routes/Modify Route Settings/Edit Route OptimizationAndroid/iOS
Add Route to Third-Party CalendarAndroid/iOS
Export Routes (CSV, Google Spreadsheets, KML, GPX, TomTom, Export Route Map)Android/iOS
Duplicate RoutesAndroid/iOS
Change Route Stops SequenceAndroid/iOS
Insert Addresses into Planned RoutesAndroid/iOS
Share RoutesAndroid/iOS
Delete RoutesAndroid/iOS
See Route Destination Info (+ Custom Data)Android/iOS
Show Route Destinations on MapAndroid/iOS
Edit Route DestinationsAndroid/iOS
Delete Route DestinationsAndroid/iOS
Field-Service/Field-Marketing/Field-Sales Management
Add NotesAndroid/iOS
Use Custom Note StatusesAndroid/iOS
Attach Images from DeviceAndroid/iOS
Make Photos Using Device Camera and Attach to Route StopsAndroid/iOS
Attach Captured SignaturesAndroid/iOS
Attach VideoAndroid/iOS
Attach Audio RecordingsAndroid/iOS
Attach Custom MessagesAndroid/iOS
View Attached Custom DataAndroid/iOS
Edit Attached Custom DataAndroid/iOS
Scan Barcodes and Add Them as Custom Data to Route StopsAndroid/iOS
Reconcile Barcodes for Route StopsAndroid/iOS
Adjust Barcode Scanner SettingsAndroid/iOS
Navigation and Directions
Navigate to One Route StopAndroid/iOS
Navigate Entire RouteAndroid/iOS
Integrated Voice-Guided Navigation (Route4Me In-App Navigation)Android/iOS
Use Third-Party Navigation AppsAndroid/iOS
View Routes’ Turn-By-Turn DirectionsAndroid/iOS
Set Up Default Navigation AppAndroid/iOS
Route4Me Synced Address Book (AB) and Address Book Map
Create New Synced AB ContactsAndroid/iOS
Create New Synced AB Contacts by Picking Addresses from the MapAndroid/iOS
Search Address Book ContactsAndroid/iOS
Insert Synced AB Contacts into Planned RoutesAndroid/iOS
Edit Synced AB ContactsAndroid/iOS
View Synced AB Contacts on the Address Book MapAndroid/iOS
Edit Synced AB Contacts on the Address Book MapAndroid/iOS
Dial Synced AB Contacts from the Address Book MapAndroid/iOS
Add Synced AB Contacts to FavoritesAndroid/iOS
View Recently Used Addresses (AB Contacts)Android/iOS
Delete Synced AB ContactsAndroid/iOS
Color Code AB ContactsAndroid/iOS
Authentication/Log In
Email and Password AuthenticationAndroid/iOS
Google Single Sign-On AuthenticationAndroid/iOS
Use for Free Without Registration/Log InAndroid/iOS
Using Face ID for Logging InAndroid/iOS
Restore PasswordAndroid/iOS
Offline Capabilities and Data Synchronization
View Loaded Routes, Route Stops, Open Loaded Routes on the MapAndroid/iOS
Use Integrated Voice-Guided NavigationAndroid/iOS
Use Third-Party Navigation AppsAndroid/iOS
Mark Stops as Visited and DepartedAndroid/iOS
Add Notes with Attached Files (i.e., Photos, Signatures, etc.)Android/iOS
Send Activity Feed MessagesAndroid/iOS
Scan BarcodesAndroid/iOS
Manually Synchronize Pending DataAndroid/iOS
App Settings and Safety
Dark Mode – AutomaticAndroid/iOS
Device Handling: Left-Hand Mode/Right-Hand ModeAndroid/iOS
Power Save Mode (Activate on Device from the App)Android/iOS
Set up Default Route Optimization SettingsAndroid/iOS
Adjust Distance UnitsAndroid/iOS
Adjust Temperature UnitsAndroid/iOS
Interactive Map Settings and Weather Map Layers
Route Stops Clustering (Manual)Android/iOS
Route Stops Clustering (Server Side)Android/iOS
Address Book Map Contacts Clustering (Server Side)Android/iOS
Map Type: NormalAndroid/iOS
Map Type: SatteliteAndroid/iOS
Map Type: HybridAndroid/iOS
Map Type: TerrainAndroid/iOS
Weather Map Layer: Temperature (Text and Map)Android/iOS
Weather Map Layer: RadarAndroid/iOS
Weather Map Layer: Snow DepthAndroid/iOS
Weather Map Layer: Wind (Text and Map)Android/iOS
Weather Map Layer: Humidity (Text and Map)Android/iOS
Storm ReportsAndroid/iOS
Storm CellsAndroid/iOS
Customer Support
24/7 Live ChatAndroid/iOS
Contact Support (Contact Form)Android/iOS
In-App TutorialsAndroid/iOS
Support Portal/Knowledge BaseAndroid/iOS
Rate the AppAndroid/iOS
News SectionAndroid/iOS
View AgendaAndroid/iOS
Invite Others to Route4MeAndroid/iOS


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