Can I upload a list of orders or customers and have that split into multiple routes for each of my employees?

Yes. First, decide if you want to share the routes with all of your employees or sub-contractors by e-mail or to their mobile device. Usually, if you are using a sub-contractor one time, you can send them a route by e-mail. But if you are sharing a route with a full-time employee, it is better to use the Route4Me mobile application’s real-time synchronization with our website.

Once you go to the Users screen in Route4Me, you can add as many users as you need, as long as you stay within the total number of users permitted with your subscription plan.

After all the users have been added, go to the route planner page, browse for the file you want to split, and then go to the “Advanced Options” tab. Go to “Distributed Route”, type in the number of users you would like the route split into, and press plan route.

Alternatively, go to the Address Book List or the Address Book Map, and select a region on the map. Press plan route, and go to the Distributed Route tab, select the number of users you want to split your route into, and the system will automatically create a route for each user.

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