Does Route4Me Support Customer Priorities Route Planning?

Yes, Route4Me’s route optimization software enables you to factor in customer priorities or order priorities when planning routes. Specifically, Route4Me gives you the possibility to set an order priority value for each stop on your driver routes.


Priority Optimization Constraint Routing

Route4Me’s Priority Constraint enables you to assign different priorities to stops on your routes. Furthermore, the priority you set to a route stop will directly influence this stop’s position in the overall route sequence.

For example, with this feature, you can place your VIP customers closer to the route start. Similarly, you can use this route planning business rule to prioritize shipments with perishable items. Or, you can plan routes with customer priorities to ensure that temperature-sensitive and time-critical deliveries will get to their destinations on time.

Once you set a priority value to a route stop, that stop will be among the first ones on the given route. Moreover, you can always change the priority of any stop on any route using Route4Me’s Web-Based Route Optimization Platform. You can do so even if the route is already in progress. In that case, your drivers’ iOS Route Planner or Android Route Planner apps will instantly update the driving directions for that route.

Using Route4Me's customer priorities route planning tools to prioritize route stops on planned routes.


Planning a Route With Customer Priorities

Planning a route with the Priority Constraint is not so different from planning a regular new route. The only difference between the two consists of a few extra clicks or an additional column in your routing data spreadsheet. Specifically, you can choose to either:

  • Set priorities for each stop manually after creating a route
  • Add the “Priority” column to your routing data spreadsheet file

Learn how to plan a new route on the Route4Me Web platform.

Discover more about Route4Me’s spreadsheet requirements.

Setting priorities for route stops on planned and optimized routes using Route4Me's route planner.


NOTE: The priority value you can assign to a destination, order, or route stop ranges from 1 (the highest priority) to 999,999 (the lowest priority).

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