Scheduled And Recurring Route Optimization Guide

Route4Me’s Scheduled & Recurring Routing is designed for all types of last mile businesses that need to schedule delivery for repeat orders and visit customers using a repeating schedule. From delivery and pickup routes to service and maintenance routes, we’ll help you streamline and automate your route scheduling, planning, and dispatch.

What can you expect? Automation and profitable recurring routing! Spend less time scheduling and planning and more time visiting customers and making money.

Just create a quick custom Recurring Schedule based on your unique business routing needs. Route4Me will take care of the rest! We’ll schedule routes for when they need to be scheduled, plan routes when you and your team need them, and auto dispatch routes to Route4Me mobile apps for navigation and completion.

Route planners can save thousands of hours on route planning. Dispatchers can eliminate miscommunications and automate route dispatch to drivers. Drivers can get more visibility into their future workload. Executives can compare Planned vs Actual performance metrics – and much more! Start a free route planner trial today!



How Does Scheduled And Recurring Routing Work

Setting up a Recurring Schedule is extremely easy and quick:

  1. Create a Master Route Template from any route you want
  2. Add a Recurring Schedule to the template route:
    • Create custom daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedule rules
    • Use multiple schedule rules in the same schedule
    • Add schedule exceptions – blacklist any date
    • Plan future routes in advance for more visibility
    • Assign drivers and vehicles to the schedule for auto dispatch
  3. Save the Master Route – Recurring Schedule
  4. Recurring Routes will be automatically scheduled, planned, and dispatched to drivers and vehicles

Just in minutes, you can set up a Recurring Schedule for the entire year ahead and set your Scheduling and Recurring Routing operation on autopilot.


Create A Master Route Template From Any Route

Route4Me’s proprietary optimization engine allows you to plan the most efficient and profitable routes. Use any route you’ve planned as a Master Route Template, and Route4Me will automatically generate Recurring Routes for you based on your custom schedule.

Create Master Route Template to automatically schedule, plan, and dispatch future Recurring Routes.


Add A Recurring Schedule With Multiple Rules

Scheduled & Recurring Routing supports extremely flexible schedule rules and settings. To create a perfect Recurring Schedule, you can add multiple schedule rules. Adding multiple rules allows you to create custom schedules of any complexity for your specific routing needs and unique business model.

Add multiple Recurring Route Schedule Rules to create a custom delivery calendar on route planner.


Create Daily Recurring Schedules And Schedule Delivery For Repeat Orders

Create custom Daily Recurring Route Schedules that will automatically plan Recurring Routes on a daily basis. Select how frequently your Daily Schedule should plan Recurring Routes and check how the schedule will work in the Schedule Preview.

Daily Recurring Route Schedule can plan daily driver routes based on a custom delivery calendar.


Create Weekly Recurring Schedules And Schedule Delivery For Repeat Orders

Create custom Weekly Recurring Route Schedules to automatically generate Recurring Routes on a weekly basis. Automatically plan Weekly Recurring Routes on specific days of the week and select the preferred weekly frequency for the schedule.

Weekly Route Schedule can plan recurring routes for repeat order customers based on route calendar.


Create Monthly Recurring Schedules And Schedule Delivery For Repeat Orders

Create custom Monthly Recurring Route Schedules and automatically plan Recurring Routes on a monthly basis. Pick dates on the calendar to plan Monthly Recurring Routes on specific dates of the month. Alternatively select specific days, i.e., every second day of the month, every Friday of the month, etc.

Plan Recurring Routes on monthly basis - create custom delivery route calendars for repeat orders.


Create Annual Recurring Schedules And Schedule Delivery For Repeat Orders

Create custom Annual Recurring Route Schedules to automatically plan Recurring Routes on an annual basis. Pick any month of the year and then on what dates of the month to plan Recurring Routes. For example, you can annually plan Recurring Routes every 3rd Monday of January.

Schedule and plan recurring routes on annual basis up to a year ahead of the route start date.


Assign Drivers And Vehicles For Auto Dispatch

In addition to automating your Scheduled & Recurring Route planning, you can also automate your route dispatch. Assign drivers and vehicles to the Master Route Template, and Route4Me will automatically dispatch Recurring Routes for you.

Assign drivers and field members to the Recurring Route Calendar to auto dispatch planned routes.


When a new Recurring Route is generated based on your custom schedule, Recurring Routes can be automatically dispatched from the Web Platform to your field members’ smartphones. Drivers then can use Route4Me’s iOS and Android Route Planner apps to navigate dispatched Recurring Routes and communicate with the team.

Recurring Route Auto Dispatch will automatically send scheduled and planned routes to driver app.


Plan Recurring Routes In Advance And Schedule Delivery For Repeat Orders

Plan Recurring Routes in advance of their route start time. For example, if you have a Recurring Route scheduled to be planned in one month, you can plan this Recurring Route ahead, right now. Planning Recurring Routes in advance allows you to:

  • Give drivers and executives better visibility into future workloads
  • Incorporate day-specific tasks and customer route changes
  • Improve routing reporting and auditing
  • And more!

Plan scheduled recurring routes ahead of route start time to get more visibility into the workload.


Add Recurring Schedule Exceptions

Blacklist nonworking days or any other days on which you don’t want to have any Recurring Routes planned. Recurring Schedule Exceptions give you an extra level of customization so that you can create a perfect schedule for your specific business and routing needs. You can add multiple Schedule Exceptions to the same Schedule Rule.

Use Recurring Route Schedule Exceptions to blacklist non-working days on the repeat route calendar.


Manage Individual Recurring Routes

Recurring Routes are the routes planned by the associated Master Route based on its Recurring Schedule. You can plan scheduled Recurring Routes in advance of their start time. Once created, you can manage your planned Recurring Routes to incorporate all types of route changes into individual routes. Insert addresses, update customer details, change the route start time, and more.

Edit already planned recurring routes to incorporate day-specific tasks & customer route changes.


Manage Master Route Templates

You can adjust the Master Route Template at any time to bulk edit and update all already planned Recurring Routes. For example, you can add new addresses, update the Master Route, and all existing and future Recurring Routes will be planned with new addresses included. Just open any Master Route in the route Editor and add more addresses, update customer details, change the visitation sequence, etc.

Adjust Recurring Schedule Master Route Template to automatically plan new future Recurring Routes.


How To Get Started With Scheduled And Recurring Routing

It’s super easy to get started with Route4Me’s Scheduled & Recurring Routing. Just pick a package that best suits your business and routing needs and start Your Free Route Planner Unlimited Stops Trial. We are offering the free trial so that you can feel how much more streamlined and efficient your Recurring Routing will become using your own routing data.

Optimize & streamline your repeating route operations with Recurring Routing software free trial.


What Services Can Scheduled And Recurring Routing Be Used For

With Route4Me, you can automatically plan routes for services with repetitive schedules. You name it, Route4Me will automatically route it for you. Route4Me’s Scheduled & Recurring Routing is designed for automating route planning for activities such as:

  • Subscription box shipping with specific delivery dates
  • Scheduled maintenance and service appointments
  • Repeat orders with a constant delivery frequency
  • Middle mile delivery and local distribution routes
  • Daily grocery delivery and meal subscription services
  • Services similar to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save
  • And a lot more activities generating recurring revenue


Scheduling And Recurring Routing FAQ

If you still have questions, get answers in our Scheduling & Recurring Routing FAQ. Or reach out to the Route4Me Customer Success Team, and we’ll help you as quickly as possible.



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