Managing Address Details and Custom Data in the Address Book

To edit the information associated with an Address Book contact, go to your Address Book List and click the “Edit” button in the “Actions” column.


Alternatively, you can right click on the contact and select “Edit.”


You can also open the “Edit” window in the Address Book Map. Right-click on the desired contact, then select “Edit.”

This will open a new window with five different tabs: “Location,” “Location Details,” “Order,” “Time Windows” and “Schedule.”


Editing Location Data

The “Location” tab allows you to:

  1. Edit the address of the contact;
  2. Edit the alias of the contact;
  3. Assign a color;
  4. Assign an icon.

NOTE: When editing the address, be sure to select one of the auto-complete suggestions provided by our geocoding engine. A valid address will display a green dot next to it.



Editing Location Details

The “Location Details” tab allows you to edit the fixed attributes which are visible in the Address Book List view, as well as add custom data.

The fixed attributes you can modify are:

  1. Group;
  2. First Name;
  3. Last Name;
  4. Email;
  5. Phone;
  6. Customer PO.


Adding and Editing Custom Data

You can add and edit custom data fields manually in the “Location Details” tab. To start adding your custom data fields, first, click “Edit Custom Data.”


Fill in the field name and content.


Click “Add One More” to add another custom data field, and click “OK” when you’re done.


Editing Order Details

In the “Order” tab, you can edit additional fixed attribute fields relating to customer order data:

  1. Number of pieces;
  2. Weight;
  3. Volume capacity;
  4. Order Reference no;
  5. Estimated revenue;
  6. Priority;
  7. Address stop type.


Editing Time Window Constraints

In the “Time Window” tab, you can edit time window constraints that will impact the schedule of the address when added to an optimized route. The values you can define in this section are:

  1. The first time window;
  2. The second time window;
  3. Service time for the stop;
  4. Time zone.


Setting the Contact Schedule

The “Schedule” tab allows you to set the visitation recurrence for a specific address. You can visit our article on setting address schedules for more detailed information.


Accessing Address Details and Custom Data on Mobile Devices

You can access your Address Book on the Route4Me iOS and Android apps. The mobile Address Book displays address data and personal information, corresponding to the “Location” and “Location Details” tabs.


If you plan a route using the address book, then the information in all address details and custom data fields associated with a certain stop will get pushed through to the route.


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