Using the Address Book

Every time that an address is incorporated from the address book into a new route, the unique address book id is stored with the route. Once this happens, the ‘last routed’ column gets updated with the last known timestamp of the route that this address was part of. Similarly, once a route begins, and a driver visits a customer and marks a location as visited, the timestamp of this occurrence is stored in our database. Therefore, all the records in the address book list have the timestamp values that were generated and updated at the last time an address was added into a route, and the last known time the address was marked as visited.
All data that is added into the address book through an uploaded file can have any number of custom attributes or tags. The custom data is extracted and converted into custom data which passes through to all connected mobile devices and routes. At this time Route4Me only supports three colors for colors on a map. Active records are marked green, Cancelled records are marked red, and Prospect records are marked yellow.
Route4Me permits you to draw shapes (freeform polygons) on a map and store them. The store shapes represent territories. Each territory can have an assigned color, and the address book entries in that territory can be used to create a route for any number of team members.

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