View Route Stops on the iPad Route Planner App

Routes are synced from your Route4Me web account to your iPad route planner app each time a new one is assigned to you. Managers and dispatchers, on the other hand, can see all the planned and optimized routes for their teams.

Download and install Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner app for iPad and start optimizing your routes today!



Open Routes on Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner App for iPad

On your Route4Me iPad route planner app, tap on “Routes” to open your Routes List. Your recently planned routes appear at the top of the list.


Also, you can switch between the synced routes view (routes assigned to you) and the draft routes view (routes planned locally on the device) by tapping the Routes drop-down at the top of the screen.


Finally, tap on your desired view.


Destinations View on the Route Planner App for iPad

Each time you optimize a route, the Route4Me iPad route planner app automatically sets it as your active route. Also, every time you open the Route Planner app for iPad, it defaults to the Destinations view where it displays the addresses of your active route.


If there is more than one planned route on your account, you can access the full list by tapping Routes at the bottom of the screen of the iPad planner app.


Select the route you want to open, and then tap the Open Route.


Finally, tap “Confirm” when prompted by the iPad planner app.


Active Routes on the iPad Planner App

The route opens at the “Destinations view and then becomes the active route on your iPad planner app.


Search for Planned Routes on the iPad Route Planner App

Your routes list on the iPad Route Planner app displays all your planned routes with the recent one at the top. However, if you have multiple routes to choose from, you can search for a specific route by:

  • Route name;
  • Address on the route;
  • Alias.

To search for a route on the Route Planner App for iPad, tap Routes and then tap the search icon at the top right corner of the screen.


Next, type in your search text, then tap Search.


The search returns all the results that match your search criteria. Multiple routes that include the same address or alias you are searching for also appears in the results.


View the Stops on a Route Using the iPad Route Planner

View all the stops in your multi-stop route on the left side of the screen of the Route Planner app for iPad.

Here you can view general route details, such as the name, schedule or distance of the route, as well as the sequence of stops included in the route.


To view detailed information for an address, tap on it in the stops list.

Viewing stops of optimized routes using the Route4Me iPad route planner app.


Next, tap Destination Info.

Checking out route destinations' info on iPad route planner app for delivery drivers and last mile businesses.


All the details associated with the stop are then displayed.



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