Planning a New Route on an iPad

The Route4Me iPad app helps you save time by planning your routes on the go when you have multiple service appointments.


To plan a new route, tap “Routes”, and then tap the “+” icon at the top right of your screen.


Specifying the Route Settings

The first thing you need to do when planning a new route is to specify the route settings.

  • – Route Name: Specify the name of the route, as it will be displayed in your routes list.
  • – Route Schedule: Input the start date and time for your route.
  • – Optimization Type: Select the type of optimization for your route.
  • – Optimization For: Choose between shortest distance, shortest time and shortest time with current traffic.
  • – Travel Mode: Choose whether you want the route to be planned for driving or walking.

Tap “Done” to save your settings.



Adding Your Stops

After specifying your route’s settings, you need to start adding your stops.

Tap “Set Your Departure Address”.



Select one of the available options for adding stops:

  • – Add New: Manually type in the street name and number, city, state and ZIP code.
  • – Set Current Location As End: Your detected location will be set as the last destination for the route.
  • – Set Current Location As Start: Your detected location will be set as the departure for the route.
  • – Select from Favorites: Select one of your saved “Favorites” addresses.
  • – Select from Recents: Select an address that has been recently routed.
  • – Select from Contacts: Select an address associated with one of your phone contacts.
  • – Add from Synced Address Book: Select one or many addresses listed in your address book.




Adding a New Stop by Manually Typing in the Address

To add a new stop to a route, tap “Add New”, and then type in the address on the “Add Destination” screen.



As you type in the address, the app displays an autocomplete suggestion list. The list ensures that the address you’re going to add is appropriately named and geocoded.



Tap the correct address from the list that best matches what you’ve typed.



The app also notifies you if you typed an incorrect or unavailable address.



After selecting the correct address, you can optionally provide an alias for your destination.



Finally, tap “Add” to insert the address into the route.



You can keep adding addresses by tapping “Add Another Destination” and repeating the same process.



Adding a Stop from Your Phone Contacts

To add one of your contacts to a route, open the route and tap “Add Another Destination”, then tap “Select from Contacts”.



Tap on the name of the contact you want to add to the route.



Tap on the contact’s address to select and geocode it.



Next, select the geocoded and adequately named version of that address in the suggestion list, and then tap “Add.”



The contact then appears in your route stops list.



Set Current Location as Start and End

The Route4Me app uses GPS data to determine your location at all times. You can use this functionality to add your current location as the first or last stop on the route.


Open the route and tap “Add Another Destination”, then tap “Set Current Location As Start” or “Set Current Location As End”.



Tap “Confirm” when prompted.



Adding a Stop from your Favorites List

You can save addresses that you visit on a regular basis as “Favorites”, so you can quickly retrieve them when planning new routes.


Tap any destination you already have added to your route, and then tap “Add to Favorites”.



To add an address from your “Favorites” list to a route, open the route and tap “Add Another Destination”, then tap “Select from Favorites.”



Tap on the address you want to add in the list.



Finally, tap “Add” to insert the address into the route.



Favorite addresses display a yellow star in the route stops list.



Adding a Stop from your Recents List

Stops you include in your routes are automatically saved to the “Recents” list. To add one of your recent destinations to a route, open the route and tap “Select from Recents”.



Tap on the address you want to add to the route.



Finally, tap “Add” on the address validation screen.



Optimizing Your Route

Tap “Plan Route” when you are done adding all the destinations to your route and defining its settings.



Next, tap “Confirm.”



Optimization of your route takes only a few seconds. The planned route then displays useful information such as the estimated duration and distance between stops.

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