Modify Your Route Stops on an iPad


The Route4Me Route Planning App for iPad enables you to effortlessly optimize routes in seconds. Moreover, with the iPad route planner, you can also create detailed organizational structures with clearly defined roles for all of your team members.

You can dispatch planned routes to drivers, navigate optimized routes, and track drivers as they progress through the routes. This gives you more control over the total traveled distance, helping you reduce fuel costs and minimize windshield time.

Plus, when scheduling routes with the iPad route planner, you’ll be able to make better use of your fleet resources and deliver more in less time and with fewer fleet assets.

Furthermore, thanks to the app’s dynamic routing capabilities, you can easily add and remove stops from your routes as per your preference and the changes will automatically sync with all the devices associated with your Route4Me account. This gives you more flexibility and enables you to adapt to last-minute changes on the go.


Adding Stops to a Planned Route

To get started, first, open the optimized route you want to modify to set it as your active route.

Add a new stop either by tapping Add Address at the top part of your screen or scrolling down at the end of your stops list and tapping Add Another Destination.


Next, select or tap on your preferred method for adding a new address to the active optimized multi stop route.

Follow the steps to finish adding the address.


Removing Stops from a Planned Route

Tap on an address in the stops list.


Next, tap Delete.


Finally, tap Yes when prompted to confirm the deletion of the route stop.


Modifying Stop Information

The Route Planning App for iPad also allows you to rename stops and change addresses on the go.

To change the details of a stop, first, tap on it in the stops list.


Next, tap Edit Destination.


Make the desired changes to the Address and Destination Details fields, and then tap Done to save your changes.



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