What Is the Best Android Route Planner App in 2024?

If you’ve been using Google Maps to plan your multi-stop delivery routes, it’s time for a change. Since the Google Maps multi-stop route planner doesn’t offer you the possibility to optimize your multi stop routes, you need a route planner to sequence your addresses in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible. If you’re an Android user looking for a route planner, you’ve probably already heard about RoadWarrior Route Planner, Circuit Route Planner, Logistia Route Planner, OptimoRoute Driver, Onfleet Driver, Routific Driver, Route4Me Route Planner, and their counterparts. Read on to discover which one is the best Android route planner app in 2024.



Must-Have Route Planner App Features

Finding the best Android route planner app is not easy. Even though every last-mile business is unique and has different routing needs, there are some core capabilities that almost every delivery operation needs to automate processes, make more money, and save time. On that note, before making a purchase decision, make sure the route planner app has the following features:

  • Proof of delivery (POD): The best Android route planner app should allow drivers to collect paperless POD or electronic proof of delivery in multiple formats (images, text notes, customer signatures, etc.)
  • Voice-guided navigation: Voice navigation and spoken driving directions will improve your driver focus and decrease accident risks.
  • Real-time traffic updates: You don’t want drivers stuck in traffic while navigating routes. To avoid that, you need a route planner that can account for real-time traffic when providing driving directions.


What Are the Best Android Route Planner Apps in 2024?

Deciding which multi-stop route planner app deserves the best route planning app for deliveries title is no easy task. You’ll have to go through hundreds or even thousands of apps, features, comparisons, reviews, and so on. To make this process easier, check out the list below and discover the most popular, and perhaps, free route planner apps for Android:


1. Route4Me Route Planner

With over 2 million downloads, Route4Me is the most utilized route planner app in the world.

Route4Me is one of the superior Android route planner apps as it is designed to function both as a standalone mobile route optimization app and as an extension of the web-based Route4Me route optimization software. With the Route4Me app, you can manage your entire last mile operation using only a smartphone.


Route4Me Pricing

On that note, the Route4Me Android route planner app is available both as a free and a paid version. Moreover, users can choose to purchase only a mobile subscription – a web subscription is not mandatory for drivers to use the app. The Route4Me Mobile Only plan is only $4.99 per month, and it comes with unlimited optimized routes with an unlimited number of stops.

However, the Mobile Only plan is designed for individual drivers. If you’re managing a team of delivery drivers, check the Route4Me web subscription options – you’ll get everything you need to elevate your routing game.

Route4Me Subscription TypeRoute4Me Route Planner
Route4Me Route Planner App (When Having a Paid Web Subscription)FREE
Route4Me Mobile Only Monthly$4.99/month
Route4Me Mobile Only Yearly$49.99/year


Route4Me Features

The Route4Me route planner app for Android is able to save businesses tons of time and effort with features such as:

  • Route optimization
  • Voice-guided navigation
  • Progress tracking
  • Address Book for customers’ delivery information
  • Route history
  • And a lot more!

Download the app today and start managing your last-mile operation on the go, from anywhere in the world.


2. RoadWarrior Route Planner

The RoadWarrior route planner app is suitable for both small, local businesses and large logistics enterprises. Road Warrior has two available pricing models and a free version.


RoadWarrior Pricing

The free version – RoadWarrior Basic – allows users to plan routes with 8 stops, with a limit of 50 optimized stops per day. RoadWarrior Pro is $10 per month and allows users to route up to 120 stops per route and a maximum of 500 optimized stops per day. RoadWarrior Flex starts at $10 per month plus another $10 per month for each extra driver and enables delivery businesses to plan 200-stop routes and optimize 500 stops plus 500 more per user.

Road Warrior Subscription TypeRoad Warrior Pricing
RoadWarrior BasicFREE
RoadWarrior Pro$10/month
RoadWarrior Flex$10/month + $10/month/user


RoadWarrior Features

Here are some of the features offered by the RoadWarrior Android route planner app:

  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Route optimization
  • Compatible with 3rd party navigation apps
  • Spreadsheet data import
  • Customer availability and time windows
  • Check-in for stops

Although a great option when it comes to the best Android route planners, RoadWarrior will not be suitable for courier giants that need to route more than 200 addresses per route. Learn more about what is Roadwarrior Route Planner and how you can switch from it to Route4Me.


3. Circuit Route Planner

The Circuit route planner is tailored explicitly to delivery drivers’ needs. It claims to save last mile delivery drivers up to 1 hour per day.


Circuit Pricing

The Circuit route planner has a free version that includes route optimization for 10-stop routes. The Circuit Pro subscription pricing starts at $20 per month, but the price might vary depending on users’ location.

Circuit Subscription TypeCircuit Pricing
Circuit Free VersionFREE
Circuit Pro$20/month


Circuit Route Planner Features

Here are the most relevant features offered by the Circuit Android route planner app:

  • Route optimization
  • Time windows and order priority
  • Voice-enabled address search
  • The ability to add notes to stops

Although a great solution for delivery drivers, Circuit has its limitations, such as the lack of dynamic routing and performance metrics.


4. Logistia Route Planner

The Logistia route planner is designed to help e-commerce businesses plan routes for order delivery. It offers eCommerce integrations and a lot of useful features for efficiently planning routes with online purchases.


Logistia Pricing

Logitia’s route optimization services have modular pricing, offering users the possibility to scale as their business grows. It has 3 pricing modules, starting from $9 per month. The Optimal Route package is the most expensive one available, starting at $19 per driver per month. When billed annually, each plan gets a 10% discount.

Logistia Subscription TypeLogistia Pricing (billed monthly)
Customer notification$9/month
Stock alerts$9/month
Optimal route$19/month


Logistia Features

Among the core features of Logistia, the most relevant are:

  • Multi stop route planning and optimization
  • Driver tracking
  • Adding notes to stops
  • Income reports per driver
  • Order management

As the Logistia route planner is addressed to online commerce and mobile commerce (m-commerce) businesses, it might not cater to other industries’ needs, such as middle mile and distribution, homecare, pool cleaning, flower delivery, etc.


5. OptimoRoute Driver

OptimoRoute Driver is a route planner app for delivery drivers. It’s a mobile extension of the OptimoRoute web-based route planning software, intended to help drivers navigate planned routes and collect electronic proof of delivery (POD).


OptimoRoute Pricing

The OptimoRoute Driver iOS and Android route planner apps are included (with no additional costs) in all the pricing modules available on the OptimoRoute website. To get an OptimoRoute account, users will have to pay between $17.10 and $35.10 per driver per month.

OptimoRoute Subscription TypeOptimoRoute Pricing (billed monthly)
Enterprise$39 /driver/month


OptimoRoute Features

The most important features of the OptimoRoute Driver route planner Android app include:

  • Suitable for both phones and tablets
  • Offline mode
  • Updates for dispatchers
  • Electronic POD

Since the OptimoRoute Driver route planner app is only available if users purchase a web subscription, it is not suitable for those that look for a standalone routing app.


6. Onfleet Driver

The Onfleet Driver route planner app is an extension of the Onfleet web-based routing platform. The app helps drivers stick to the route schedule, collect paperless POD, and communicate with customers and dispatchers.


Onfleet Driver Pricing

The Onfleet Driver app is available only by invitation. To use the app, you’ll have to create an Onfleet account and then invite drivers to use the app. Onfleet pricing starts at $199 per month when billed monthly and $149 per month when billed annually.

Onfleet Subscription TypeOnfleet Pricing (billed monthly)


Onfleet Driver Features

Onfleet Driver will help delivery drivers:

  • Access order details
  • Keep track of their performance metrics
  • Communicate with customers and dispatchers
  • Collect electronic POD
  • Scan barcodes from shipping labels

Although a great solution for large enterprises, the Onfleet Driver app might be too expensive for individual drivers and small to medium businesses.


7. Routific Driver

The Routific Driver app allows dispatchers to track drivers in real-time. It resembles more of a tracking app than a route planner app. However, it does have some useful features for delivery drivers as well.


Routific Driver Pricing

Similar to the previously presented Android route planner apps, the Routific Driver app is designed to complement the Routific web-based route planning software. For a Routific subscription, users will pay a fee per driver per month, starting at $39 (billed monthly) or $33 (billed annually).

Routific Subscription TypeRoutific Pricing (billed annually)
Professional$59 per vehicle/month
PremiumCustom pricing


Routific Driver Features

Aside from enabling drivers to view customer information for each stop on the route and navigate optimized routes using their preferred 3rd party navigation app, the Routific Driver app offers features and capabilities useful for tracking delivery drivers, including:

  • Delivery status updates
  • Sharing drivers’ GPS location with dispatchers

The Routific Driver app will most certainly be more useful for route planners and dispatchers than for delivery drivers.


But What About the Google Maps Route Planner?

Although the go-to Android navigation app when it comes to one destination trips, Google Maps cannot fulfill the needs of a last-mile business. Since you can’t route more than 10 addresses with Google Maps, routing hundreds of thousands of addresses with this free mapping tool is simply not feasible. Plus, you cannot optimize the sequence of route stops – not even for those 10 addresses that you’re able to route with the Google route planner.

Learn how to get Google driving directions on Android and iOS route planner apps.


Best Android Route Planner Apps Pricing Comparison

For your convenience, below you can find a side-by-side comparison of the route planners presented above. Inside the table, you’ll find the prices per month when billed monthly as well as the price per year with the vendor’s discount included (where applicable).

NOTE: Some of the route planner apps compared in the table below are only available as an extension of the web-based route planning software. Consequently, those route planners that cannot be used independently without a web subscription have been marked with “Web subscription only”. Moreover, the route planners that can be used as stand-alone apps, have been marked with “Mobile subscription only”.

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Price per Year*
Route4Me Route Planner – available as Mobile (below) and Web subscription.
PackageMobile FreeRoute4Me Mobile Only MonthlyRoute4Me Mobile Only Yearly--
RoadWarrior Route PlannerMobile subscription only
PackageRoadWarrior BasicRoadWarrior ProRoadWarrior Flex--
PriceFREE$10/month$10/month + $10/month/user-$120/year/user
Circuit Route PlannerMobile subscription only
PackageCircuit Free VersionCircuit Pro---
Logistia Route PlannerMobile subscription only
PackageCustomer notificationStock alertsOptimal route--
OptimoRoute DriverWeb subscription only
Routific Driver Web subscription only
Price$39/vehicle/month$59 per vehicle/monthCustom Pricing-$588 per vehicle/year
Onfleet DriverWeb subscription only

* Some companies in the table above provide discounts on annual subscriptions. The above annual subscription prices (Price per Year) are calculated for the highest offered Subscription Level, taking into account respective discounts as of the given date and time (see disclaimer at the bottom of this page).


How to Optimize Routes on the Best Android Route Planner App

Route4Me’s route planner apps help distribution companies, delivery service providers, courier businesses, and any other logistics-intense business that needs to visit more than 10 stops a day.

With the Route4Me route planner app, you can plan and optimize hundreds of thousands of addresses in seconds. You don’t have to manually rearrange stops or limit your multi-stop routes to only 10 destinations.

Here’s how you can plan a multi stop route on the Route4Me free route planner app:


1. Download the Best Android Route Planner App

First, download the Android app from Google Play. Anyone can use the Route4Me free route planner app. Yet, without a Route4Me account, you can only route 10 addresses per day for free. However, if you already have a Route4Me account, you can benefit from all the features. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry – setting up a mobile subscription is simple.

Downloading multi stop route planner apps with unlimited stops for delivery drivers


2. Plan a Multi Stop Route on the Route Planner App

As soon as you’ve downloaded the route planner app, you can start planning a new multi stop route. To do so, you first need to set up the optimization parameters and route settings and – if necessary – to schedule the route.

Planning a multi-stop route on free route planner apps for delivery drivers and couriers


3. Input Addresses for Your Multi-Stop Route

After setting up the routing parameters on your multi stop route planner app, you need to add your customers’ delivery addresses and drop off locations. The addresses you upload are geocoded automatically and displayed on a mini-map.

Adding delivery addresses or drop off locations to plan multi stop routes on free route planner app for delivery drivers


You can add or scan as many addresses as you’d like at once, in any sequence or order. Then, you’ll be able to view all of your customers’ shipping addresses on a map.

Mapping multiple stops and delivery addresses on a multi stop route planner with unlimited stops


4. Optimize the Route With Multiple Destinations

With the Route4Me route planner apps, you can tailor the planned multi stop routes as per your specific business needs. As mentioned above, the order in which you input your addresses doesn’t matter as the route planner will automatically sequence them in the most time and cost-effective manner.

To do so, you need to tap the Optimize button at the bottom of the screen, and all the optimization settings you’ve set up during step 2 will be applied to your route.

Optimizing a multi-stop route on free route planner app for delivery drivers


After optimizing your multi-stop route, you can use the in-app navigation to get turn-by-turn driving directions for all your stops. Tap on Start Route, tap on the Navigation button, and then select Route4Me In-App Navigation.

Using the GPS navigation to get driving directions for a multi stop route on free route planner app for delivery drivers.


By choosing the in-app navigation, you will get the most efficient navigation directions. The navigation adapts to the current traffic and other parameters and shows the best directions accordingly. Plus, you will be able to see the entire route you are navigating with its ETAs and other route details.

Navigating a multi stop route with route planner app with GPS navigation for delivery drivers.

Ready to plan your first route with the best Android route planner app? Get the Route4Me app now.



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