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Route4Me route optimization software helps you to automatically geocode addresses, identifying the exact location of each address on the map. Aside from the built-in geocoder, Route4Me enables you to utilize geocoding solutions for those instances when you have to geocode hundreds of addresses simultaneously. The Route4Me Bulk Geocoder is a standalone desktop application that acquires latitude and longitude coordinates for a large number of addresses at the same time. It also adds the geocoded addresses to the Route4Me Address Book.


To geocode addresses in bulk, open the app by double-clicking the geocoder executable file, or right-click on it and select open.

Bulk Geocode Addresses


Type in your Route4Me credentials in the Email and Password fields.

Bulk Geocode Addresses


The Geocoder supports .CSV files. Prepare a .CSV spreadsheet containing all the columns you want to include and make sure your file has a header row.

Bulk Geocode Addresses from CSV spreadsheet


Your file needs to include address columns, which must contain the street name and number (in the Address column) and separate columns for City, State, and ZIP.

Bulk Geocode Addresses from CSV spreadsheet.


Click the upload icon, then browse for your file and upload it into the geocoder.

Bulk Geocode Addresses from Route4Me Geocoder tool.


After the upload is complete, click the Start Geocoding button.

Bulk Geocode Addresses with Route4Me Geocoder tool


You can monitor the geocoding status in the progress bar.

Monitor Bulk Geocoding progress on Route4Me Geocoder tool.


When the geocoding process is completed, the geocoder will display 5 additional columns: the latitude and longitude columns (lat, lng, curbside_lat, and curbside_lng) and a separate column for the geocoding confidence. Addresses that were geocoded with high confidence do not need to be reviewed. If the addresses were geocoded with low or medium confidence, you may need to verify and re-upload them, if the geocoded location is incorrect.

Bulk Geocode Addresses


The geocoder will automatically add the addresses to your Route4Me Address Book.

Bulk Geocode Addresses and Route4Me Geocoder will automatically add geocoded addresses to the map for your convenience.


It will also create a copy of your initial .CSV file, with the appended columns that resulted from the geocoding process: lat, lng, curbside_lat, curbside_lng, and confidence.

Bulk Geocode Addresses and automatically generation CSV spreadsheet.



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