Running Notify4Me with Geotab

Installing Notify4Me on Geotab

To install Notify4Me on Geotab, you first need to log into your Geotab account. Then, click on the Marketplace tab in the sidebar on the left side of your screen.

Search for “Notify4Me” in the Marketplace and install it. By default the Free version of Notify4Me will be installed, so you don’t have to worry about any charges to your service account.

After Notify4Me is installed, a Notify4Me tab will be added to your sidebar. Click on the “Notify4Me” tab to continue – selecting any of the settings that drop down will initiate a quick tutorial.


Notify4Me Free – Getting Setup

The purpose of Notify4Me Free is to allow you to share a tracking link of your vehicles with a customer so that they can view the location of those vehicles on a map.

  1. Click on the “Vehicles” Tab on the left menu bar;
  2. Select the “copy” button to copy and then paste a tracking link of the vehicle you would like to share;
  3. Alternatively, you can click the “Email” button from the vehicle that you would like to share;
  4. Click on the refresh icon in the “Regenerate Tracking Link” to refresh the tracking link and create a new link and delete any previously shared links.

If you would like to send an SMS text message or automate these notifications to your customers on a schedule, upgrade to the Base Plan of Notify4Me.


Notify4Me Base – Getting Setup

The purpose of Notify4Me Base is to allow you to automate and schedule the sending of a tracking link of your vehicles to a customer. This way they can view the location of those vehicles on a map without you ever having to contact them or them ever having to contact you.


Setup Your Smart Zones

Smart zones are like a mini-CRM inside your Geotab account. They let you add contact info to your existing zones, and they have additional features as well, such as custom data.

To setup a Smart Zone in Notify4Me, simply add a zone within your MyGeotab account under the “Zones and Messages” tab.

For further help on setting up a zone, here is a guide on how to setup a zone in your MyGeotab account.

Once a zone is added, head back over to Notify4Me in your MyGeotab account and click on Smart Zones.

IMPORTANT: If your smart zones don’t automatically appear in Notify4Me hit the refresh button and reload the page in your browser.

In the Smart Zones section:

  1. Add contact information (phone and/or email) to a smart zone.
  2. At the very right under the “Notifications” column click “Create +” to create a new notification schedule for that smart zone.
  3. Follow the user guide to create the scheduled notification.
  4. Once a notification is created that “smart zone” will be notified via text or email automatically.


Why Notify4Me?

Notify4Me allows customers to check on the status of your vehicles themselves, which will reduce the amount of calls made to your customers’ service team. Notify4Me can also be set up so that customers are automatically sent email and SMS alerts when your vehicle is about to arrive.


How Does It Work?

You can create a notification in just three easy steps.

  1. First, select a person to notify.
  2. Then, choose the vehicle to share.
  3. Finally, set a recurring notification schedule, if necessary.

At the time you scheduled for the notification, the customer will be sent a tracking link. This link takes the customer to a page that displays your vehicle’s location on a map.


Tracking Privacy

To protect your privacy, you can restrict vehicle tracking availability to certain days and times. Choose whatever works best for your business.

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