Webfleet Solutions Integration With Route4Me

Webfleet is an award-winning fleet management solution that enables users to leverage real-time fleet tracking while reducing fuel, maintenance, and labor costs, saving admin time with easy and reliable mileage registration, optimizing routes and cut driving times, get actionable insights into fleet performance, as well as integrate with users’ existing business applications. Route4Me’s Webfleet integration allows you to combine Webfleet’s cutting-edge vehicle fleet management and fleet tracking solutions with Route4Me’s powerful route optimization engine.


Set Up Your Webfleet Integration With Route4Me

To establish a telematics connection and set up your Webfleet integration with Route4Me, first, go to Telematics Gateway from the navigation menu. Next, on the Telematics Gateway page, click on the Add Telematics Connection button in the top left corner of the screen.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


After that, input the custom name/alias for the telematics connection into the corresponding field and then, select TomTom from the Telematics Vendor drop-down list.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


Next, input your Webfleet Solutions account ID, user name, and password into the corresponding fields.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


After that, specify the preferred Vehicle Position Refresh Rate for the Webfleet Solutions connection in the corresponding field.

The Vehicle Position Refresh Rate is the frequency at which Route4Me’s telematics gateway retrieves vehicle tracking data from the corresponding telematics partner. Most telematics vendors receive and store data between 1 and 5 minutes, while other vendors can capture data at a higher frequency. With Route4Me, you are able to set up the preferred Vehicle Position Refresh Rate and extract the tracking data as quickly as every second.
Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


Once the telematics connection is successfully established, it is displayed on the Telematics Gateway page where you can manage it accordingly. In the Synced Vehicle Count column, you can view the percentage of successfully synchronized vehicles. To modify the corresponding connection, click on the gear icon next to it.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


Viewing Your Webfleet Solutions Vehicles in Your Route4Me Account

After successfully establishing the connection, depending on your Webfleet Solutions account settings, all corresponding vehicles are automatically imported into your Route4Me account. To access your Route4Me Vehicles List, go to Vehicles from the navigation menu. After importing vehicles from your Webfleet Solutions account into your Route4Me account, you can manage the imported vehicles accordingly.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


All imported vehicles can also be assigned to routes while planning them, or to already planned routes.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


The data received from Webfleet Solutions is automatically associated with the ID numbers of the corresponding vehicles. You can track the activity of your vehicles in near real-time using the Route Editor or the Routes Map. To bring up your vehicles’ current location and tracking history on the map, first, click Tracking, then hover your cursor over Route, and finally, select the preferred timeframe from the list.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions


When your vehicles are out in the field, their tracking data is captured by Webfleet Solutions and sent to Route4Me where it is evaluated and processed. After that, Route4Me automatically associates the fleet tracking data received from the Webfleet integration with the corresponding vehicles and provides all available real-time and historical tracking information in the form of statistics, relevant metrics, and actionable intelligence. For your convenience, vehicles’ icons can be changed to the logos of the corresponding telematics vendors (i.e., when you have integrations with multiple telematics vendors).

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with Webfleet Solutions

NOTE: It may take up to 60 seconds for the vehicle(s) to appear on the map.


Route4Me’s Telematics4Me solution provides the list of all telematics vendors that are currently available in the world. On the Telematics4Me page, you can view comprehensive information and main features of all available telematics vendors, as well as compare them side by side. Comparing different telematics vendors enables you to choose the ones that fully accommodate the particular needs of your unique business or business model.

Route4Me’s Telematics Integration with CommandGPS




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