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Route4Me’s iPhone app is designed to make your routing operations as fast and flexible as possible, focusing on the efficiency of your transactions. Whenever your drivers are out in the field or dispatchers are back at the office, both can make outbound calls to the prospects and contacts associated with particular route stops right from the opened routes. Making calls from the opened routes enables you and your team to save a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to manually locate and dial customers’ phones. Moreover, Route4Me’s real-time data synchronization helps to ensure that managers and drivers are always on the same page and have access to updated and accurate customers’ contact information.


To call the customers on a particular route, first, go to Routes from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. Next, open the route that contains the stops with the corresponding prospects that you want to call.

Making Calls to Customers While Completing Routes (iPhone)


Once you opened the route, to call the prospect on a particular stop, first, tap on the corresponding stop to open it.

Making Calls to Customers While Completing Routes (iPhone)


After that, select Destination Info from the stop’s menu.

Making Calls to Customers While Completing Routes (iPhone)


On the Destination Info screen, scroll to the Phone section and then tap on the available phone number to call the prospect associated with the corresponding stop.

Making Calls to Customers While Completing Routes (iPhone)


When prompted, tap Call to initiate the call.

Making Calls to Customers While Completing Routes (iPhone)


Please NOTE that Route4Me’s iOS app only dials the phone number(s) attached to the corresponding route stops. All calls made from the Route4Me iOS app are charged by your mobile network provider as regular calls.



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