Add Notes to a Stop on Your iPad

The Route4Me iPad route planner app allows you to add statuses, text, pictures, and electronic signatures as proof of delivery (POD) or proof of service to each of the stops on a multi stop route.

NOTE: You can only add one proof of delivery (POD) file per note (image, signature, video attachment, or audio recording). If you want to add more than one proof of delivery (POD) item to a stop, you can do that by adding multiple notes.



To add a note to a stop, ensure that you are in Destinations view and tap the note icon on any stop in the stops list.


Next, tap Add a Note or the note icon in the top-right of the screen.


Selecting a Note Status

Tap on the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.


Select the appropriate status from the available list, and then tap Done.


Adding an Image to a Note

You can take a picture and add it to your note directly, or you can upload one of the pictures saved on your device. To take a new picture, tap the camera icon.


If you’re performing this action for the first time, allow the Route4Me app access to your device’s camera. Tap OK to confirm.


Then, take a picture.


Tap Use Photo to add it to the note, or Retake if you need to do it again.


To add an image from your device, tap the image icon and then select it from your gallery.


Adding a Signature to a Note (Sign on Glass)

The Route4Me app can capture signatures. Signatures can be made with the finger or by using a capacitive pen.

To add a signature to a note, first tap the signature button.


Write the signature inside the grey area, and then tap Done to add it to the note.


Adding an Audio Recording to a Note

Tap the microphone icon.


If you’re performing this action for the first time, allow the Route4Me app access to your device’s microphone. Tap OK to confirm.


Next, tap the red circle button (record) to start your recording.


Tap the red square button (stop) to end the recording.


Tap the play button to listen to the recording.


Tap Done to add the recording to your note.


Adding Text to a Note

To add text to your note, tap the area below the status drop-down menu.


Next, type in your note content.


Saving a Note

Tap Done to save the note for the selected stop.



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