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Route4Me enables you to create a structured and easily manageable network of managers, route planners, dispatchers, drivers, and other team members. Based on your specific last-mile optimization requirements and unique business model, your users can have default or customized account-level permissions, route visibility, driver and vehicle access across the Route4Me Route Optimization Platform.

On this page, you can learn how to delete users from your Route4Me account. Additionally, learn more about creating new users. NOTE: When you delete a user, all sub-users and routes that belong to this user are automatically deleted with this user’s account. To learn about your current user limit or increase the user limit on your account, please Contact Route4Me Support.


To view and manage users, go to “Team” and then select “Users” in the navigation menu. On the “Team Members” screen, you can see and manage the list of all users available on your Route4Me account. Similarly, other users can see and manage the sub-users that are branched under them. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s Team Hierarchy and User Types, and Route4Me’s User Account-Level Permissions.

To delete a user, click on the three-dot menu icon next to the preferred user and then select “Delete” from the menu. By deleting a user, you erase all information associated with the user. Equally important, deleting users can’t be undone. If you need help with deleting users, Contact Route4Me Support.

Delete drivers, route planners, dispatchers, and other team member profiles from the Route4Me route planning software account.


NOTE: When you delete a user with one or multiple sub-users, all sub-users that are branched under this user are deleted together with this user’s account. If you want to delete a user without deleting its sub-users, you can move sub-users under another user and then delete the given user.

Equally important, when you delete a user, all routes this user is assigned to are automatically deleted with the user’s account. Accordingly, if you want to keep the routes the user is assigned to, assign another user to these routes before deleting the user’s account. Additionally, learn more about assigning users to optimized routes.

Delete a driver, route planner, dispatcher, manager, or any other user and all its branched sub-users.



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