Setting Up White Labeling Features

Route4Me is an international route planning and optimization platform that helps companies around the world to increase their profits and save their time. Route4Me offers effective and in-demand white-labeling solutions that can be used by company-partners and resellers for rebranding and eventually reselling Route4Me’s services to end customers. Route4Me’s whitelabel features grant provider access to a large distribution network of partners and resellers who are effectively and effortlessly expanding their product and service lines, without producing their own goods from scratch. Route4Me also focuses on anonymity and security, as consumers who buy the end product are not aware that it was originally produced by another company. To enable particular white-labeling features, please use the Advanced Configuration Editor.


The table below provides white-labeling variables that can be used by partners and resellers for their business purposes. To obtain particular white-labeling features for your Route4Me account, please consult with your Routing Expert or our Customer Success Department.

hide_branded_contentAllows to hide Route4Me branded content from particular menus of the platform (i.e., Route4Me video tutorials in the route planning menus, etc.). 
disable_scans_uploadDisables the scan uploading feature that is used for creating routes.
hide_members_emailsAllows to hide email addresses of the assigned members from the names of the corresponding routes in the Routes List.
disable_telematics_popup_overlayDisables telematics popups with Route4Me branded content in all menus of the platform.
assign_drivers_onlyRestricts assigning routes to all types of members/users except for Drivers (once enabled, routes can be assigned to Drivers only).
hide_sharing_in_route_parameters_dialogDisables route sharing feature when planning routes.
hide_upselling_in_route_parameters_dialogHides Route4Me branded upsell/upgrade links and content from the platform.
hide_users_management_link_in_route_parameters_dialogHides the “Manage Users” feature when planning routes.
hide_vehicles_management_link_in_route_parameters_dialogHides the “Add New Vehicle” feature when planning routes.
append_assignee_to_the_route_name_in_routes_listHides the name of the assigned member/user from the name of the corresponding route in the Routes List.


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