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Knowing what happens on your dispatched routes is crucial for running any successful last-mile operation. Plus, your team members also need to know about the changes made to their routes so that they can complete their routes as efficiently and productively as possible. Therefore, Route4Me supports real-time route updates notifications that automatically let you and your team members know about all essential route changes and updates instantaneously.

Specifically, you can dispatch routes from the Web Platform to the iOS Route Planner app or vice versa. After that, whenever you make any modifications to a route, the assigned driver or any other team member is automatically notified about the updates and vice versa. Furthermore, Route4Me supports push notifications across all connected devices. Particularly, the route changes made using the iOS and Android Mobile Route Planning apps are shown on the Web Platform in real-time and vice versa.

Additionally, you can disable route updates notifications for your account using the respective advanced account configuration. Equally important, you can learn more about route change notifications on the Android Route Planner.



Dispatch Route from Web Platform to Mobile Route Planner App

In short, you can see the route updates notifications triggered by the activities performed on the routes assigned to you and your sub-users. Additionally, the notifications triggered using Route4Me’s Mobile Route Planner apps can be shown on the Web Platform and vice versa. Accordingly, to give sub-user access to a route, dispatch the route from the Web Platform to the Mobile Route Planner app, or vice versa.

So, to dispatch a route to a driver or any other sub-user, assign the respective user the preferred route. So, to dispatch a route from the Route Editor, go to “Edit” from the toolbar at the top, select “Assign User” from the menu, and then select the preferred user. Similarly, to dispatch one or multiple routes from the Routes Map and Routes List, select one or multiple routes by checking the respective boxes, go to “Edit” from the toolbar at the top, select “Assign User” from the menu, and then select the preferred user. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s route visibility and Team Hierarchy by User Type and respective user account-level permissions.

Dispatch routes from the Web route planning platform to the mobile route planner app.


Real-Time Route Updates Notifications on iOS Route Planner App

So, whenever a specific activity occurs on any of the routes assigned to a user, this user will automatically receive the respective Real-Time Alerts. For example, you can see several real-time push notifications and alerts on the iOS Route Planner app. Accordingly, the app shows all notifications that occur on any of the assigned routes regardless of the currently opened screen on the app.

Real-time push notifications and route updates notifications on the iOS Route Planner app.


Route Updates Notifications – Mobile Route Planner to Web Platform

Thus, the activities users perform on the iOS Route Planner app can automatically trigger and send the respective notifications to the Web Platform.

As an illustration, you can see below how a route destination is marked as Arrived and Done on the iOS Route Planner, and the corresponding notifications are automatically displayed on the Web Platform in real-time. For instance, Drivers and field members can record the progress on their routes, and Dispatchers or Managers can see the route progress on the Web Platform.

Real-time route updates notifications between Route4Me's iOS Route Planner app and Web Platform.


Route Updates Notifications – Web Platform to Mobile Route Planner

Similarly, activities performed by users on the Web Platform can automatically trigger and send notifications to the connected iOS Route Planner app. Correspondingly, below, you can see an example of how a new route destination was inserted into a planned route. Further, the corresponding notification is automatically displayed on the iOS Route Planner app in real-time. For instance, Dispatchers or Managers can insert new addresses into planned and dispatched routes. Consequently, the assigned drivers will automatically get notified about the new destinations they need to visit.

Real-time route updates notifications between Route4Me's Web Platform and Mobile Route Planner app.


Supported Real-Time Alerts And Notifications

So, below you can find the list of the route notifications supported on Route4Me’s Web Platform and Mobile Route Planner apps.

Real-Time Alert TriggerMobile AppsWeb Platform
Route Optimized
Route Sequence Changed
New Address Added
Address Removed
Address Updated
Route Re-Optimized
Note Added / Uploaded
Note Removed
Marked as Visited or Arrived
Marked as Departed or Done
Out-of-Sequence Check-In (Deviation)
Speed Limit ExceededPendingPending
Geofence Triggered
Address Moved to Another Route
Route User Re-Assigned
Custom Data Added to Address
New Member Added
Existing Member Modified
Route Removed
New Territory Added
Territory Updated
Territory Removed
Driver Arrived Early
Driver Arrived Late
Geofence Entered
Geofence Departed



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