Order Statuses – Set Progressive Stages for Orders

Route4Me helps you to track the status of your orders by giving them progressive stages. By default, orders created with Route4Me can be given five different progressive stages based on the temporary status of the orders at a certain time during the planning and shipping process.


To view and update the progressive stages of your orders, open your Orders List by going to “Orders” from the navigation menu.


By default, Route4Me provides five main progressive stages. To change or update the status of an order, check and\or uncheck the boxes in the following columns:

  1. “P” – Pending: indicates that the order is compiled and ready for validation. By default, all new orders are created with the “Pending” status;
  2. “V” – Validated: indicates that an order has been checked, validated and approved to be dispatched;
  3. “A” – Accepted: indicates that the order has been accepted by a driver or delivery service and ready to be delivered;
  4. “S” – Started: indicates that the order is in the process of being delivered to a destination point;
  5. “C” – Completed: indicates that the order has been successfully delivered to its destination.

Track progress of your orders by Setting Progressive Stages to your Orders with Route4Me

NOTE that Route4Me’s progressive stages are set manually and can be redefined situationally and applied accordingly.


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