Recurring Routing Schedule Exceptions & Blacklist

Route4Me’s Recurring Route Scheduling is designed to help you automate delivery schedules, repetitive deliveries, recurring service visits, auto shipping, and many other recurring routing activities with fixed delivery dates. Furthermore, flexible Recurring Scheduling Rules allow you to customize your schedules for any possible recurring routing scenario with any routing schedule complexity.

For more control over your recurring routing operations and delivery planning, you can add schedule exceptions. Recurring Schedule exceptions help you not only to create a perfect auto-delivery routing schedule but also to account for any last-minute shipping schedule changesa.

For example, one of your customers cancels a weekly delivery, your vehicles are scheduled for maintenance on a specific day, etc. Or you’ve already created a perfect Recurring Schedule and a couple of dates no longer work for you. Just blacklist any date or dates range in the Recurring Schedule and Route4Me will not create any routes on the blacklisted dates.


Create Recurring Schedule for an Existing Master Route

You can add Recurring Schedules exceptions when you create a new Master Route with a Recurring Schedule or when you edit an existing route template called Master Route with a Recurring Schedule.

To add a schedule exception for a particular Master Route, go to Recurring Schedule from the navigation menu. Next, click on the SCHEDULE button next to the preferred Master Route to edit its schedule.

Open the list of Recurring Routing Schedules and Master Routes to add schedule exceptions.


After that, click on the Add New Exception button in the Master Route – Recurring Schedule window – to select the fixed delivery dates you want to omit in your delivery schedule.

Add a new Recurring Routing Schedule exception to not create Recurring Routes on specific dates.


In the Exception window, select the date range with the delivery dates that you want to blacklist for the opened Recurring Schedule. To blacklist Recurring Schedule dates, click on the start and the end dates for the range and then click on the Save button.

Pick dates on the Master Route's calendar you want to exclude from its Recurring Routing Schedule.


Once the delivery date schedule exception is saved, blacklisted dates will be displayed in red on the Recurring Schedule’s Schedule Preview.

No Recurring Routes will be created on the dates blacklisted in the Recurring Routing Schedule.


If you need to backlist specific dates instead of date ranges or multiple date ranges, you can add multiple Recurring Schedule Exceptions when routing recurring orders. Furthermore, you can add multiple delivery schedule exceptions to customize a perfect Recurring Schedule or to account for last-minute changes and delivery cancelations.

Add multiple Recurring Routing Schedule exceptions to customize your repetitive route calendar.


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