Understanding Route4Me Mobile and Web Subscriptions

Route4Me is a globally used route planning and optimization platform designed to be both a vertical and a horizontal solution that can facilitate virtually any business that requires routing and logistics services. Route4Me offers two main subscription categories: mobile subscription plans and web subscriptions. Mobile subscription plans are designed for iOS and Android mobile platforms, consisting of predefined feature packages. Web subscriptions are bespoke solutions that can be effortlessly customized using the Marketplace and re-configured at any time.


Route4Me Mobile Subscriptions

Route4Me’s mobile subscription plans consist of predefined feature packages designed for accommodating the particular needs of different businesses and business models. Mobile subscriptions can be activated using Route4Me’s iOS and Android apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Route4Me is also supported on Zebra devices – the world’s most rugged devices on the market for extreme conditions.

Understanding Mobile and Web Subscriptions


To get you started, Route4Me offers Mobile Free accounts that allow planning and optimizing up to 10 free routes per month. If you need to plan more routes and want to access other unique platform capabilities, you can opt for one of the corresponding mobile subscriptions. The table below provides the list of features included into each mobile subscription plan.

Included FeaturesMobile FreeMobile UnlimitedVoice Guided NavigationIndependent ProfessionalTeam – NavigationBusinessEnterprise
Subscription DurationMonthlyMonthly/AnnualMonthly/AnnualMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Plan Unlimited Routes10 Routes per Month
Routes Don’t ExpireExpire in 7 Days
Upload Spreadsheets NOTE: When manually adding addresses to routes, the address count is unlimited.Up to 12 Addresses per UploadUp to 24 Addresses per UploadUp to 24 Addresses per UploadUnlimited Addresses per UploadUnlimited Addresses per UploadUnlimited Addresses per UploadUnlimited Addresses per Upload
Voice-Guided Navigation
Route4Me.com Website Access
Additional Team MembersUp to 7 MembersUp to 100 MembersOver 100 Members
GPS Tracking
Export Routes
2000+ Features
Split Big Routes into Parts
Pro Chat Support
9-5 Phone Support

To learn more about Route4Me subscription plans on iOS devices, visit this page.

To learn more about Route4Me subscription plans on Android devices, visit this page.


Route4Me Web Subscriptions

Route4Me’s web subscription plans are bespoke solutions that can be customized using the Marketplace for including only those features and functionalities that accommodate the particular needs of your business or business model. For more convenience, you can choose among various industry-specific packages of preselected modules which are focused on solving the unique problems inherent to specific industries. Customizing your subscription plan enables you to gain more control over your operations, eliminate the undesired expenses, as well as increase the overall efficiency of your business activities. By default, all web subscriptions are accessible from iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Understanding Mobile and Web Subscriptions


Once you customized your own bespoke web subscription plan, you can use Route4Me’s Feature Manager to re-configure your solution by activating additional modules or deactivating the ones you no longer need.

Understanding Mobile and Web Subscriptions


Currently, Route4Me supports but no longer offers the following legacy subscription plans: “Independent Professional,” “Team,” “Business,” and “Enterprise” Web subscription plans. To learn more about Route4Me legacy subscription plans, visit this page.

Understanding Mobile and Web Subscriptions


Visit Route4Me's Marketplace to Check Out Various Modules and Industry-Specific Subscription Packages:

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