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Route4Me’s in-app Android barcode scanner is designed to make your field routing operations as fast as possible, focusing on driver performance and efficiency, the productivity of performed transactions, and the security of the recorded data. Route4Me’s Android barcode scanner can be used for capturing IDs from printed labels, checking for an order item, obtaining proof of delivery (POD), or proof of service (POS), confirming task completion, and much more. Moreover, with Route4Me’s Android barcode scanning feature, your delivery drivers, field sales reps, field service technicians, and other field employees will significantly reduce the time of data capture and decrease the chances of human error.

Barcode scanner on Route4Me's Android Route Planner app can scan multiple types of barcodes.


The current version of Route4Me’s Android Mobile Route Planner permits you to scan almost all types of barcodes and labels available in the market. For instance, our Android in-app barcode scanner can capture information from such widely-used barcodes as the following: UPC, EAN, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Codes, and other bar codes. The image below displays samples of the most popular barcode types that can be scanned using Route4Me’s Android mobile app barcode scanner.

Route4Me's Android barcode scanner can scan almost all types of barcodes, labels, and stickers.


We are continuously improving the productivity and efficiency of our Route Planners (iOS and Android), providing frequent app updates that include the latest routing, logistics, and mobile technologies. For more efficiency and even faster data capture, we have significantly improved the scanning speed of our Route4Me Android barcode scanner. In the table below, you can check the average scanning speed of Route4Me’s Android in-app barcode scanner compared to other third-party scanners and competitors’ route planner apps.

Supported Barcode TypesRoute4Me Android (Smartphone / Tablet) App Average Scanning SpeedAverage Scanning Speed of Third-Party Scanners and Competitors’ Routing Apps
Data Matrixless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds
PDF417less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Quick Response (QR) Codesless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Code 11less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds
Code 32 (Italian PHARMACODE)less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Code 39less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Code 93less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Code 128less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds
Codabarless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds
GS1 Composite Codesless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Aztec Codeless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 4 seconds
Universal Product Codes (UPC Codes)less than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds
International Article Number / European Article Number or EANless than 1 secondfrom 2 to 5 seconds

NOTE: Scanning speed may vary, depending on the model, processing power, camera hardware, barcode quality, and the software version of your specific device (smartphone or tablet).

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