Route4MeExcel AddIn – Route4Me Microsoft Excel Extension (Coming Soon)

Integrate Route4Me into your Microsoft Excel files with just a touch of the button. The Route4MeExcel AddIn is designed for Microsoft Excel users who want to plan and optimize routes with advanced constraints right in their Excel spreadsheets without having to switch between platforms. The Route4MeExcel AddIn provides real-time data synchronization, allowing you to save all the routes that you plan and optimize in your Excel spreadsheets directly to your primary Route4Me Web Account. With the Route4MeExcel AddIn, you can benefit from using the majority of the features and capabilities provided on the Route4Me Web Platform right in your Excel documents.


Easy and Fast Installation: Route4Me’s Microsoft Excel extension can be installed with just a touch of the button. All you need to do is download the latest version of the Route4MeExcel AddIn and then open it to install on your computer device. After that, you can log into the app with your Route4Me credentials as you normally would log into your account on the Route4Me Web Platform. Once installed, you can use the Route4MeExcel AddIn in virtually any Excel spreadsheet on your computer device.

Ready out of the Box: After installing the Route4MeExcel AddIn, you can start using the app right away by creating a separate environment for each of your projects and downloading preloaded spreadsheet samples and templates with sample parameters and values.

Easy Data Import: To import routing data into the Route4MeExcel AddIn, all you need to do is to copy the data from any other space on your computer device and paste it into the preferred environment in your Excel files. Moreover, you can open any spreadsheet that contains the data you want to use for optimizing routes and activate the Route4MeExcel AddIn right in this file.


The functionality of the Route4MeExcel AddIn is continuously expanding and currently allows you to:

  • Plan optimized routes using preloaded spreadsheet samples.
  • Optimize routes with such advanced constraints as Pieces, Volume, Revenue, Weight, Avoidance Zones, etc.
  • Use different optimization types for multiple drivers or a single driver.
  • Assign drivers and vehicles associated with your Route4Me account to new and already planned routes.
  • Use contacts and addresses from your Route4Me Synchronized Address Book for planning routes.
  • View and edit routes on the interactive map right in your Microsoft Excel files.



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