Route4Me Territory Optimizer

The Route4Me Territory Optimizer permits users to upload multiple driver locations and customer locations, and automatically match them up in terms of finding the nearest driver to each of the customers.


You can download sample files for the drivers (reps) and for the customers (stores) to serve as an example in preparing and formatting your own file.


Upload the two files (reps/drivers and stores/customers) to their designated sections on the optimizer’s main page, by clicking “Choose File” and selecting the appropriate file from your computer.


Next, select your optimization parameters in the “Configuration” section.

The “Maximum Distance Between Store and Rep” field contains the maximum eligible distance (in miles) between a store and a rep. If no rep/driver meets the criteria for a stop, then that stop will remain unassigned.

The “Return this Number of Closest Reps” field lets you specify the number of closest drivers to be returned by the optimizer.


When you’re done uploading the files and inputting the constraints, click “Optimize Now.”


The system will create a spreadsheet file that will be downloaded to your computer. The spreadsheet contains a column containing the location code for each store / stop in the “Stores” file, as well as additional columns containing the IDs of each rep/driver within the specified maximum distance. There is also an additional column for each rep that contains the distance to the stop. Each store / stop and store/stop also has a color code associated with them.

You can download a sample output file below:



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