Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Route4Me Software

There are several ways to integrate MS Dynamics into the Route4Me system:

  • Consume MS Dynamics Web-Services;
  • Consume MS Dynamics SQL DB directly;
  • Install the Devart Excel Add-In for Dynamics CRM;
  • Export data from MS Dynamics to Excel, and then consume it using the Route4MeExcelAddIn.


Consuming MS Dynamics Web-Services

MS Dynamics supports two types of Web-Services:

  • SOAP-based Web Service;
  • OData based Web Service;

The OData-based service is a recommended option because it is supported in the Power Pivot, a data-analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides enhanced Business Intelligence capabilities. The OData implementation in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 also supports the JSON format.

When integrating MS Dynamics with Route4Me using the Web-Services, please note the following:

  • It is currently not possible to access the Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Query Objects” with SOAP Web Services;
  • It is currently not possible to access “CodeUnit Object” with OData Web Services;
  • Page Objects can be accessed by both SOAP and OData;
  • OData Web Services are significantly faster than SOAP;
  • SOAP supports only the XML format messages. OData supports XML and JSON messages;
  • SOAP is for the data exchange, and OData is for Web Applications.


You can follow the steps below to publish OData Web Service in MS Dynamics Nav (learn more):

  • Open the MS Dynamics Nav client and connect to any company (or to the demo company CRONUS International Ltd with NavDemo DB);
  • In the Search box, input “Web Services,” and then choose the corresponding link;
  • On the Web Services page, on the Home tab, select “New”;
  • In the Object Type column, select Page. In the Object ID column, enter 21, and in the Service Name column, enter Customer. Select the checkbox in the Published column;
  • Click on the OK button to finish.


Consuming MS Dynamics SQL DB Directly

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance is the Microsoft SQL Server. We can read data from the SQL database, however, writing it is not recommended.


Excel Add-In for Dynamics CRM

You can install Devart Excel Add-In for Dynamics CRM (commercial), that permits you to connect Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, load data from Dynamics CRM to Excel, refresh the data using an Excel workbook from Dynamics CRM, modify this data, and then save it back to Dynamics CRM. It allows you to work with Dynamics CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads, products, and other objects.

In combination with Route4MeExcelAddIn, this Add-In allows to effectively integrate the MS Dynamics data into the Route4Me system. Alternatively, another Dynamics Excel Add-In can be utilized – Microsoft Dynamics Office Add-In (more suitable for MS Dynamics 365).


Export Data from MS Dynamics to Excel and Consume it by Route4MeExcelAddIn

You can manually export data (i.e., sales orders, etc.) from MS Dynamics, import this data into the Route4MeExcel work environment, and then use this data for generating optimized routes.



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