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Depending on your specific business requirements, you may need to visit and service multiple customers in the same building. Accordingly, the driver or courier may have to go to different floors in the same building, so the service time for visiting and servicing each customer will increase accordingly. Route4Me’s Building Type Database contains data on millions of buildings, including their respective floor counts. Route4Me’s Route Optimization Software will automatically analyze each address and location, determine the number of floors in each building, and add the necessary additional Service Time to each stop and order.

Automatically add service time to route stops based on address building type and number of floors using Route4Me's Last Mile Route Optimization Software.

NOTE: The Building Type Database and Service Time Routing feature is currently not available and will be available soon. Additionally, the current feature version supports a limited number of cities, and new cities can be added on request.

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To plan a new route with addresses and buildings with multiple floors, simply have the Building Type Database enabled on your Route4Me account and then plan a regular route. Route4Me will automatically scan addresses, detect buildings with multiple floors, and add additional Service time to each stop. To plan a new route, go to “Routes” and then “Plan New Route” in the main menu. Next, you can select the preferred method for adding route addresses, select an Optimization Profile or specify custom settings, verify addresses, and plan your routes. Additionally, learn more about Customizing Route Settings and Planning Routes.

Optimize last mile routes using Route4Me's Building Types Database to automatically add Service Time for visiting and delivering to buildings with multiple floors.


Accordingly, Route4Me will automatically analyze your addresses, determine the number of customers or orders with the same address and in the same building, check the number of floors in each building, and add additional Service Time to the respective stops. To check the Service Time of a route stop in the Route Editor, simply click on the preferred stop and then open the “Visit Details” section of the stop’s manifest. Additionally, learn more about Route4Me’s Address and Stops Bundling for planning routes with multiple customers that have the same address.

Planned and optimized last mile route with Building Type Database has multiple customers in the same building with multiple floors and additional Service Time for each order.



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