Explanation of Route4Me SDK’s

Route4Me has multiple SDK’s which connect to our server-side service. Each Route4Me SDK contains all the necessary code samples and tools for you to use when planning optimal routes or managing your Route4Me account.

Typically Route4Me SDK’s reflect all the capabilities of our server-side RESTful API. This means that they are broken up into sections that are outlined at http://route4me.io/.

The main sections at the time of this article are:

  • Optimizations
  • Routes
  • Orders
  • Addresses
  • Geocoding
  • Tracking
  • Members
  • Notes
  • Vehicles
  • Activity Feed
  • Address Book
  • Avoidance Zones
  • Territories

Each of these sections or API groups are accessible through the SDK.

For example, to create a new route, you would create an optimization, then get back a series of optimized routes. Subsequently, you could manage all the routes and their corresponding information by using the Routes API.

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