Route4Me is an application-to-server or server-to-server API system

This means that your desktop application, mobile application, or any other form of software client can connect to our system using the HTTPS protocol. Once you connect to our system directly to the API or using our SDKs, you can create, read, update, or remove data associated with your API key from our system.

We store all data associated with your routes, addresses, their coordinates, information gathered from the field, etc.

Once the big data processing is completed in Route4Me, we leave it up to our SDK users to decide how to display or render the information. For example, our response is a JSON data object for each API request.

It is up to the developer to decide how to display the information to their customer. Some developers may want to show the list of addresses in a table, others may want to use a gantt chart, others may want to show it on a table, gantt chart, and a map.

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